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German company receives huge Galileo Order


David beats Goliath: The Bremen-based OHB Technology Company has been awarded a contract for the construction of 14 satellites for the prestigious European navigation system Galileo. The volume is more than half a billion euros. The group EADS got nothing.

Brussels / Bremen – victory in the race for the European satellite navigation system Galileo: the technology company OHB Bremen has received the prestigious and approximately 566 million Euro contract to build 14 satellites that share the EU Commission on Thursday in Brussels with. Thus sat OHB in the highly competitive tender against larger rivals Astrium, a subsidiary of EADS Through. OHB will provide the first satellite 2012th

The satellite will form the backbone of Galileo. With the project to the EU and the European Space Agency ESA the supremacy of the U.S. service, GPS (Global Positioning System to break). The Galileo navigation system will cost 3.4 billion euros and enter service in 2014 at the start.

Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU), described the award as a great success: "I am very pleased that has gained the know-how of the German aerospace companies," he said. With the mission of high-quality jobs would be created in Germany. "Galileo is Europe’s answer to America’s GPS and provides the additional accuracy and reliability," said Ramsauer. In the long term is the market with products and services around the new Galileo Navigation System for many German companies are interesting.

In fact, waving to Germany for further orders. A total of 32 satellites are required – the construction of the rest would later be awarded to the OHB System AG, or at EADS Astrium GmbH, reported the European Commission. In the lower rate will receive the award.

The Commission also issued on Thursday announced the award of two more of the six Galileo contracts. The contract for the system support with a volume of 85 million euros received by the Italian ThalesAleniaSpace.

With the launch of five Soyuz carrier rockets, which would put two satellites into orbit, has been contracted Arianespace of France. The first launch is scheduled for October 2012. The order volume amounts to 397 million euros on here.