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German Telecom provides one million mark


HB MUNICH. "We cracked the million mark," said the marketing director of the German retail banking, Ingo Hofacker, on Wednesday in Munich. Especially the broadcasts of the Bundesliga over the Internet television (IPTV) of the Bonn-based group that lured the customers. "This has far exceeded our expectations," said the telecom manager. He did not mention numbers.

Until the last Bundesliga season had Sky () before the premiere of the telecom football program delivered. But the telecom makes the live pictures now from a subsidiary of Constantin media production and appears to directly compete with the pay-TV channel. Sky had resigned in the summer to work with the Telekom.

Hofacker was satisfied with the sale of Apple iPhone mobile phones, run the well. Domestically, 1.2 million of these devices have been marketed. The iPhone, which, depending on the model also offers fast mobile internet access will be, actively used by its customers for online services. The telecom providers focus on increasing sales in the Internet business because the revenues do not grow more strongly in the traditional telephone business because of lower prices.