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Germany remains EU leader in many product


BONN (Reuters) – Germany is not only continues to be one of the largest agricultural producers in the EU, but has that position in recent years strengthened. (Photo: ddp)

As the Rhenish Agricultural Association (RLV), Bonn / Münster, reported that belonged to German farmers, on average, the years 2006 to 2008 in ten out of twelve major agricultural products, the top trio of producers. In four of agricultural products, therefore, Germany took an even first place: for milk, pork, canola and potatoes. The second place was Germany’s farmers for cereals, sugar and beef held. The third place they occupied in legumes, poultry meat and eggs.

With a market share of 31% Germany produced almost one third of the EU’s tax revenue from rapeseed. The market share was 21% for pork and milk 20%. Thus was born one in five pigs and one in five liters of milk from German lands, emphasizes the RLV. For potatoes, Germany had a share of production within the EU of 18%. In the production sectors, in which occupied the German agriculture within the EU in second place, had the crop production accounting for 16%, sugar 21% and beef 14%.