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Germany’s largest seaport reports sharp fall in handling cargo


HAMBURG (AFP) – The economic crisis in Germany largest sea port in Hamburg, a decrease in freight absorb almost historic dimensions had. 2009 was the Handling of goods in the Hanseatic city on the previous year by about one fifth dropped to 110 million tons, said the community of interest Port operators and authorities on Thursday.
At the onset of around 30 million tonnes if it were one "in Our recent port development exceptionally high Decline, "said Claudia Roller, Director of Marketing Department of Association. Meanwhile, there are but indications of a achievement of the Bottomed out, and moderate growth.
The reason for the slump was the distressed shrinking Transport volume on the high seas. The Hamburg remains domininierende General cargo handling in 2009 broke the previous year, according to the information provided by nearly 25% to 73.6 million tonnes. Transport achieved in container port even a decrease of almost 30%. The number of handled Standard containers (TEUs) last year amounted to just over 7.01 million TEUs.
The Port of Hamburg with its traditional strength in the commodity exchange Asia and Eastern Europe involved. Because of the impact of Economic crisis on these regions were already on Wednesday the international active German port and logistics companies Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and Eurogate from Bremen, sharp declines in Container throughput of up to one third reported. Both companies also operate Port terminals in the Hanseatic city.
Because modified again significantly more optimistic world Growth forecasts for the port going again this year from a growth of Traffic volume from 3% to 4%, said Roller. The very strong export German economy will again from the recovery in world trade . benefit Moreover, China’s main foreign trade partner of the care as Hamburg’s port area by an attractive foreign trade expected to return for increasing the flow of goods at sea. Already in the second half of 2009, it had the first indications of a cautious Revitalization of sea trade given. The envelope was in Hamburg in Compared to the first six months of the year grew by 3.7%.
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