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Getting the blame for the Love Parade tragedy


Ein Schild mit der Aufschrift "Warum?" steht am Sonntag an dem Unglücksort in Duisburg.  Quelle: dpa

A sign saying "Why ? " is on Sunday at the accident site in Duisburg. Source: AP

HB Duisburg. The German police union blamed for the disaster of Duisburg city and event organizers. The chairman of the union, said Rainer Wendt , the " Bild "newspaper says, " Ultimately the city and the organizers responsible for the tragedy . " Wendt further stated that he had warned a year ago , Duisburg is not a suitable place for the Love Parade. "The city is too small and narrow for such events . " The police union sees the problem not at the festival site itself, but there on the trails. A fault of the police does not see Wendt.

The deputy chairman of Berlin’s police union ( GdP ), Michael Reinke, the organizers strongly criticized on Sunday for their safety. It is very dangerous to fence in the area almost completely mass events , Reinke said on Sunday. At the Love Parade in the capital, it nevertheless wide refuge reduction in Berlin’s Tiergarten given.

A tunnel is the only escape route in Duisburg have then led to the catastrophe: " There, you feel eh already evaporated , "said Reinke. Moreover, organizers and security forces had probably miscalculated also significantly in the number of visiting Raver . "I want to attack the Duisburg police leaders did not – but the crush was probably underestimated. "

The security and organization of the mass party is also criticism of many eye witnesses of the tragedy. Thousands of people were jammed into one tunnel to the event site . The police were in front of more than 4000 local forces .

The head of the Crisis Staff of Duisburg , Wolfgang Rabe , said he had on Sunday morning, all his documents made available to the public prosecutor’s disposal. Prior to the press he wanted to do because of the already commenced investigation , no further statements. He said the event space on the old freight station generally can accommodate up to 300 000 people. He was not at the time of the accident completely filled.

The prosecution Duisburg has already launched a criminal investigation , confirmed the deputy police chief of the Bureau of Duisburg , Detlef von Schmeling , on Sunday at a press conference the city and the organizers. There are two criminal complaints lodged so far . Von Schmeling wanted to confirm not to say that these ads on the part of the fire itself had been made .

Even Mayor Adolf Sauerland ( CDU ) gave no information about it explicitly been discussed in any form prior to the Love Parade on concerns about the security concept was. He warned against jumping to blame jeodch to which neither the victims nor the families would be helped. The prosecutor must determine the authorities had been handed over files to it. About the tragedy he appeared shaken. " The sorrow I can not put into words , this disaster is so terrible that it can not put into words. "

is still unclear how many visitors were in total at the Love Parade, said police Lieutenant Dusiburgs from Schmeling. The previously mentioned figure of 1.4 million , he could not confirm at first. The only fixed number he called 105 000 people who had come in the time of 9 bis 14 clock the train to Duisburg.

Most of the dead were found on the western side of the access ramp. 16 victims have been identified , the relatives were informed. Among the dead were , therefore, also a Dutchman , one Australian, one Italian and one Chinese. The victims were between 20 and 40 years of age.

The organizers did not want to comment on how access had been evaluated by the tunnel to the fairgrounds before the start of the Love Parade with a view to the safety of visitors. The spokesman for the organizers Lopavent , Björn Kollen , referred to the investigation by the Prosecutor.

Von Schmeling said that the police had opened before the accident , a second access ramp to let the pressure subside on the first access could . Part of the security concept was to regulate access to the tunnel. That was the whole day is made by the police. Access to the site had been blocked at any time. He asserted that in the access tunnels to the venue of the Love Parade had himself been no deaths. All victims were found at the western entrance ramp. At the time of the accident after it has certainly given more information from Schmeling possibilities of movement on the ramp

The organizer of the Love Parade, Rainer Schaller announced the " off " the Techno Parade. The victims and relatives, he expressed his deepest sympathy . " , words are not sufficient to explain the measure of my concussion , "he said. "I am all keen to fully investigate what happened . " Literally, "added Schaller , "The Love Parade has always been a peaceful event and happy party. " You will forever be overshadowed by the tragic events in Duisburg and it no longer continued. Schaller explicitly spoke of "Out for the Love Parade.

The techno party had been raised 21 years ago in Berlin from the baptism and the coming year should take place in Gelsenkirchen. The first parade in 1989 about 150 techno fans danced on the Kurfürstendamm. Later, the parade was due to the huge intake on the streets of the 17th June at the zoo instead . Major security issues were never there , even though the end of the 190 years up to a half million ravers came to the Love Parade . For other mass events is the road 17 June is still often used for the watching of the last Football World Cup. At the games of the German team of up to 500 000 people flocked to the highway.