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Global portfolios with value stocks beat the index


Fondsmanager mit Mut zum Risiko sind erfolgreicher. Quelle: ap

Fund managers with the courage to take risks are more successful. Source: AP

FRANKFURT. In the hit list for global portfolio, "lead active managers with offensive strategies," said Andre Hartel, an analyst at Feri EuroRating. In the past twelve months, the top of their profession played an up to 80 percent yield, while international stock index rose about 45 percent. This billing period demanded much of the money managers. A year ago, was still debating whether to survive the global financial system – the stock market reached a low point in early March. It was a special challenge to sense this feeling low a buying opportunity.

The lead group is lined with many proponents of value-concepts for undervalued securities. These include Frank Lingohr and Michael Keppler-ranking to fourth place with their product. They are now based on shares in the fields of capital goods, pharma, telecom, utilities. Glasses from the country favors the duo Europe and some Asian countries, removes reliance on tracks from the U.S. and Japan.

Smoke Alex Stein, a partner at the small Swiss investment company Strategic Investment Advisors, is looking at third-placed fund his chance with commodity exposure in the fields of energy and industrial metals. Even a small part of insurance stocks is there.

Looking forward, the administrators are in agreement. "We probably got in the next few years, fluctuating Seitwärtsbörsen, Lingohr believes. Similar expects Rauchenstein. "The environment remains turbulent," he added.

In such scenario, the planners want to continue to earn more than throws off the index. "It’s just a good stock selection announced," says Lingohr. "We will probably reach a fund return of up to 15 percent," estimates Rauchenstein.

Hartel analyst believes that it is not the actual performance data may not extrapolate: "2009 was an exceptional year." Despite the spectacular gains value index concepts are no guarantee of success. There is even a negative fund returns as in the capital fund in the fourth place.

The product of Grossbötzl, Schmitz & Partners (GS & P) had high until late in 2009 Barquoten – so missed the upswing. "But for some time we are fully invested," reassured Harald Glocker, CEO of GS & P Institutional Management. In one he agrees with the competitors said: "At the moment there are enough cheap stocks."