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Google condemned for a brutal video


Google-Manager müssen zum ersten Mal haften. Quelle: ap

Google manager must be liable for the first time. Source: AP

DUSSELDORF. In Europe, Google the wind blows straight in the face. For the first time an Italian court convicted three managers of the world’s largest Internet company because of the spread of a violent and antisocial videos in which a disabled person is being abused by students. The Milan court sentenced los chief lawyer David Drummond, a former chief financial officer George Reyes de Google’s data protection and Peter Fleischer on a suspended sentence of six months for violation of privacy. The search engine from the Mountain View, Calif. announced that after an appeal court ruling.

The Internet Group reacted indignantly to the judge’s decision. From the perspective of Google is that the fundamental right to freedom of expression seriously injured. "This ruling sets a precedent," warned yesterday, condemning Google manager Drummond. "The award of the Milan court is a serious threat to freedom and the workflow of many Internet companies dar."

The worldwide unique case is a hard blow for the Americans, because so far Google felt responsible for the content in any way.

The popular video images, but worried about Google in Italy for nationwide outrage. The city of Milan and the organization Vividown strained the action. The rotated with a mobile phone film shows how four students beating a fellow student with Down syndrome (mongolism). Google has removed the video after protests.

Also in Germany, Google needs to make a tougher stance taken. The Federal Ministry of Justice opposed the target of Google compared to building a digital library in a New York court. Federal Ministry of Justice Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) yesterday spoke of distrust of the Internet giants, "I would approve it if the comparison fails completely," she said, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. "I personally have nothing against Google, but I have something against business models that defy on existing law.

It requested a waiver of Google scanning of German books. "A minimalist approach would, in my view that German rights holders can be reliably excluded from the comparison," said the Minister. It thus supports the position of the collecting society and word of the Association of German Publishers and Booksellers. Google sees the other hand, the comparison with confidence: "We firmly believe that it will be adopted," said a Google spokesman. They were convinced that the comparison is balanced.