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Government is a long running times against nuclear protest by


HB BERLIN. Against the strong protest of opposition and anti-nuclear activists, the Bundestag adopted the energy concept of the government. After that, the nuclear power plants in Germany on average twelve years to run longer. After bitter debate, the Bundestag decided on THURSDAY with black and yellow majority that the operating time is extended the built before 1980, seven plants at eight years and the other ten Akw by 14 years.

For the change of the atomic laws voted 308 MPs, however 289th Two MPs abstained. Union and the FDP have constructed together 332 votes. For the longer maturities should be skimmed about a nuclear control and a fund for the development of green energy total of 30 billion euros from the nuclear power plant operators. The opposition demanded in vain to postpone the decision before the Reichstag 2,000 demonstrators formed a human chain.

Because of a lack of majority in the upper house to do the CDU and FDP, the new nuclear law without Federal approval to implement. Therefore, the opposition has announced actions before the Federal Constitutional Court against the run-time plus.

Federal Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen (CDU) defended in the debate the energy concept of the coalition. For the first time ever a government put forward a draft for the elementary question of environmental and climate-friendly energy supply. SPD, Greens and Left party fueled with "loose argumentation battle cry of" fears, but to offer themselves had no plans for the future energy supply, criticized Röttgen.

The concept of coalition offer "for the first time since long had a duty schedule for the energy supply of tomorrow," said Federal Minister of Economics and Rainer Brüderle (FDP). , Ie "the way to the age of renewable energy" and "active climate protection." Could not have done the previous governments.

In contrast, SPD leader said Sigmar Gabriel, the energy concept of the coalition was a "roll back into the past." The regulation hinders investment in renewable energy and favors the four major energy companies. "They have put a few trucks with money in motion." The opposition would bring the law to the Federal Constitutional Court case, announced Gabriel.

Open Group CEO Juergen Trittin accused the coalition in the wake of the energy plan to weaken the safety standards. The actions of the coalition was an "abyss of lobbying and political patronage," which was intolerable. Left-faction leader Gregor Gysi, criticized the coalition take to the energy plan the division of society consciously.

The opposition reiterated its intention to file suit against the term extension before the Federal Constitutional Court. SPD, Greens and the Left in particular complain that the government intends to implement the energy plan without the consent of the Bundesrat.

Before beginning the debate, the opposition had failed in a procedural motion to postpone the vote. At the meeting of the Environment Committee on Tuesday evening were not approved requests from the opposition and the consultation period was unreasonably limited, was the criticism. Union and the FDP began their majority but the vote by Thursday.