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Great potential for German meat in Eastern Europe


2010-06-08_Schwein_ddp HANNOVER ( Dow Jones) – New markets, especially in Southern and Eastern Europe have , for Germany’s future meat exports still expect a lot of potential. ( Reuters photo 🙂

This industry experts made at the Farmers’ Association for the Advancement of farm processing industry ( VZF ) significantly , which was shared with the Lower Saxony Competence food ( NieKE ) aligned in Verden , reports the country-folk – Press (LPD ) in Hannover.

As the CEO of German Meat in Bonn , Stefan Reiter , explained on that occasion , Germany has become European champion in the export of pork. Although at present were still 75% of its exports to other EU countries , "said Reiter. But in South and South- Eastern Europe , where around 406 million consumers are at home , he sees major markets of the future of . Already, Russia to Italy was the largest buyer of German pork, he noted. But the pork exports to the EU accession countries had increased by 350% since 2004 , underlined the significance riders .

As a further particularly interesting future markets , he described the Ukraine , Sweden , China , Romania and Kazakhstan. Reiter practiced criticism at the government for the promotion of meat. They , in Germany, far below the level of the main competitors , "he complained .
For the German agriculture and food , the meat production with a share of 24% a high economic value. In particular, the pork production continues to grow. For the industry , exports , according to the experts play a crucial role by now .