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H & M cuts unsaleable winter clothes


The Swedish fashion chain H & M is under massive pressure: Members of a New York branch had unsold winter goods cut into pieces and disposed of. Now, the clothing discounter finds himself branded as antisocial, can the shivering homeless people in the lurch.

New York – Cynthia Magnus brought the stone to roll: The student at the City University of New York was in the vicinity of a large H & M store found-packed bags of winter clothing. On closer examination turned out to be the goods as new – if they had not been vandalized. For gloves, the fingers were cut off, with jackets the padding had been ripped out, the student told the New York Times. They also found bags of cut up clothes from the retail giant Wal-Mart came from.

Magnus found that the things a lot better a good purpose could be fed. Finally, the bitter cold in New York makes difficult to create thousands homeless. She took her anger in a letter of protest to the H & M headquarters in Stockholm air – from there but got no response.

In the Internet Network Up to the committed student, however, found a greater response. Boycott calls made the rounds. The first attempt to explain a company spokesman made the public even more enraged. The clothing could not be donated because it did not meet certain quality standards, said the company. The fashion chain will not work to change their current practice.

Given the impending loss occurred Image H & M now the bull by the horns: it will ensure that this does not happen again, said spokeswoman Nicole Christie, the U.S. branch of the New York Times. Experienced practice it is, unsold goods to donate to relief organizations. She could not explain how it had come to destruction.

Even Wal-Mart is committed to his reputation. She could not understand why would be disposed of unworn clothing, said company spokeswoman Melissa Hill. Normally Wal-Mart would donate these clothes.

However, experts do not believe in a "mistake". They suggest rather the intention behind it, keep unwanted competition from the neck. For more than a few dealers collect the donated clothes to resell them to low.

New York City Mayor Ed Koch had this once with the founding of New York City Clothing Bank pushed a stop. "We welcome donations of clothes, Wal-Mart and H & M always welcome," said Mary Lanning Bureau chief of the New York Times. "We will make every garment unusable for retailers – but not for those who need them."

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