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Hard hand in crisis, for commercial


Philipp Humm, Ex-Chef von T-Mobile, wird neue Spitze der US-Tochter der Telekom. Quelle: dpa

Philipp Humm, Ex-Chief of T-Mobile is the new top U.S. subsidiary of Telekom. Source: AP

DÜSSELDORF. If he is not just for the German Telekom raises in shell provides Philipp Humm with his broad shoulders, curly hair and brown mostly burned more like a sports teacher as a manager. Sneakers, Jeans and sweaters are his trademark. If he is traveling alone, he sticks to his favorite music with headphones in their ears.

This unpretentious private style, he fits well in his new homeland: The 50-year-old forward from February next year, the most

important international subsidiary of Telekom, T USA. -Mobile gives you winning about a quarter of group sales and declining growth and fight against. Humm is thus one of the most powerful men in the Telekom.

Whether the U.S. employees get along with him as a boss as good as his outfit is questionable. In Germany, Humm has made many enemies with his hard style of leadership. He is considered extremely zahlenorientiert. Those who do not meet the goals go, can. "He has sacked some people massively," says the leadership of Telekom. A former McKinsey consultant was not a guy who’s designing strategy paper, but one who then implement the plan.

This is exactly what values the Telekom him. He deliver results, they say. And the T-Mobile USA has sorely needed. The outlook across the Atlantic deteriorated in recent years such that the Telekom lowered its profit forecast. The culprits were not only the U.S. but also problems in Britain, where the group has now found a solution: Telekom T-Mobile UK brought into a joint venture with the French Orange. The deal, which reaps much recognition in the industry, has threaded the man who will now give the savior for the U.S. subsidiary: Humm.

He goes back in July in the U.S. but will by early next year from the current U.S. leader, the American Robert Dotson incorporated.

Humm appeal is amazing. set five years ago as head of T-Mobile Germany, he had to give up that post in late 2008 to take responsibility for the theft of 17 million mobile customer in Germany. The Telekom points out, they accuse Humm no wrongdoing, he took over as chief of the division, only the political responsibility.

Many who know Humm well calculated, so that he can not offer such treatment, and the group would leave. Financially, he was covered so well that he would not work, tell familiar. In addition, he was already too individual, not a type for a large corporation.

But it was different. The Telekom Humm threw out not. He kept his job as a sales and service chief of the group and exchanged the Germany Agency for the post of Chief Regional Officers, who heads the five European mobile subsidiaries.

And this despite the fact Humm according to the press became embroiled in a second data scandal. As the Wirtschaftswoche reported in the spring, Humm 2007 to a service provider against the Council’s own data protection experts have granted access to all customer data from T-Mobile. The Telekom stated that the internal audit had examined the operations and found no fault Humm.

The Group will establish its loyalty to Humm with the good results he delivers. In addition, Humm does well with CEO René Obermann. Both have even founded their own company – Obermann a phone trade and Humm an online gourmet portal. This entrepreneurial mindset is estimated to Obermann Humm. Back to the closest circles of the CEOs of the future chief U.S. does not belong – that he was too independent.

Original ideas, he will also need to turn things around in the U.S.. The Telekom has decided to bail out the ailing U.S. subsidiary initially on their own. Only then they will look out for an investor or thinking about an IPO in order to stem the billions of investment needed to install a new wireless network to fourth generation. The group probed for months, although options. 2010 was not expected but with a solution to report consolidated districts. The Telekom does not comment on it.

Humm is a German, the U.S. close tie to the office. The former Chief Dotson had stipulated extensive freedoms and some never attended meetings of synergy within the Group. The Telekom explains this by saying that the U.S. subsidiary would have been different than the European shows until recently, strong growth and therefore inferior to other market conditions would be.

Moreover, the success seemed to justify the means. Dotson was the hero in TelekomEmpire. Now rush the former Neider, in times of rapid market growth are new customers come by itself. Now, with nine out of ten Americans have a phone that lacks Dotson the answer.

Humm, knows the way in saturated markets. Experts fear, however, the Germans lacked the sense for the U.S. market, because the Americans have different preferences mobile and much faster than the Europeans BlackBerry and thus have used mobile data. Adds that Dotson, who heads the U.S. subsidiary since 2003, a strong identification figure for the U.S. employees. Humm so casually as private comes along, should his job in the U.S. can not stand him.


1959 Philipp Humm is born in Saarbrücken.
1977 he began studying philosophy and later economics.
1982 He starts with Proctor & Gamble as a marketing assistant.
1986 he hires at McKinsey.
1992 He goes to the Tengelmann Group.
2000 He directs the affairs of Amazon Germany.
2005 He goes to Deutsche Telekom, where he worked until 2008 as head of Germany T-Mobile. He then takes care of the daughters of the European mobile Telekom.