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How do you feel about the Conservatives ?


Steinbach: Angst vor jemandem "mit etwas Charisma und Ausstrahlung".

Steinbach : fear of someone " with a little charisma, and charisma . "

HB BERLIN. The retreat by Erika Steinbach, the CDU – tip has fueled the debate on the conservative profile of the new Union . Leading representatives of the right wing of the party complain that they had no home in the CDU . CSU chief Horst Seehofer demanded that the policy should clarify pressing issues as the integration of foreigners. The emergence of the NPD in the late 60s and the electoral success of Republicans in the 80 years have shown where it leads , if policy is not solve problems .

Steinbach sees good chances for a new conservative party right of the Union. If someone with some charisma and charisma " would create such a party , this would apply in the elections "playing " on the five-percent hurdle, said the controversial president of the displaced "Welt am Sonntag " . She made it clear that they do not even remember: "I am a member of the CDU. And I try my party friends to convince them that a policy change would not go. "

Chancellor Angela Merkel, she was accused of having led the party to a strategically wrong way.

The CDU wanted to stake out top on Sunday afternoon for a private meeting in Diedersdorf in the south of Berlin to their further march . Steinbach had announced last week after fierce criticism of their statements to the outbreak of the Second World War, their withdrawal from the CDU executive board, because they have there, as conservatives , only an " alibi ". Since then, she continues to receive broad backing.

The former interior minister of Brandenburg Joerg Schoenbohm (CDU ) complained in the RBB Info Radio, playing for Steinbach Conservative party retreat in the "practically no role . CDU interior affairs expert Wolfgang Bosbach warned that more and more conservatives felt homeless in the Union . The Vice -President Annette Schavan CDU called for more communication about the course of the party. The modernization process in many subjects produces many members and supporters of such a thing as " the pain of parting , "she told the Tagesspiegel .

CDU Secretary General Hermann Gröhe assured it would be in the new federal " give powerful conservative voices. " As an example he cited in the "world "the new Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier , the Bundestag Volker Kauder faction leader and the boy -Union boss Philip Mißfelder .

The Hessian CDU chief Bouffier nominated country on Saturday for the party leadership . This assured Bouffier that the Union is home to the Conservatives, and this position he was also represented in the federal executive . CSU – Chef Seehofer said in Berlin that he did not believe in a protest party the right of the Union: "We have prevented it in the post-war history, and they will also continue to prevent . "