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IAB expected in 2011 marked decline in unemployment


2010-09-16_Großraumbüro_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The number of unemployed in Germany after Calculations by the Institute for Labour Market and Employment Research ( IAB) 2011 to the lowest level since 1992 fall . The experts of average of 2.96 million people without a job from . (Photo : Reuters )

At the same time were 40.63 million people working and so have also Sun more than ever before in the united Germany, the IAB said on Thursday. For the current year, the researchers expect average of 3.24 million unemployed. As early as mid-year were The employment figures approximately back to pre-crisis located .
The economic slump in the past year had impact less on the labor market than feared , it was said further. First, whether in the crisis-ridden premises of the manufacturing has been reduced far less employment than it would have been the slump in production . Second, that the In employment in the service sector , the number of Layoffs partly offset . Flexible work schedules and Short-time work had been used intensively. A positive contribution had also the moderate wage developments and the Hartz reforms done .
According to the researchers is also the offer Workforce this year by 90,000 and next year 120,000 people off . " In the short term , the supply decline in the labor market relieve , " it said. If it again more job seekers to give the companies would , however, more strongly against Difficulties filling arm , especially in the social and technical occupations. The German economy from the perspective of IAB experts this year in real terms by 3% next year grow by 1.75 %.
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