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IBM’s well-deserved Software


HB ARMONK NEW YORK. The strong performance of the IT Group IBM raises hopes for an end to the crisis. Above all, thanks to a strong current software and computer services business earned the veteran in the fourth quarter of 4.8 billion U.S. dollars. That’s nine percent more than in the prior year period.

"IBM continues to benefit from its strategic review," said chief executive Samuel Palmisano on Tuesday evening at the headquarters in Armonk (New York State).

The turnover was the first time in five quarters slightly by 0.8 percent to 27.2 billion U.S. dollars upwards. IBM has the economic crisis from the outset so that sheathes much better than most other companies. The once famous for his home computer company is a long time on more profitable software and IT services to enterprise customers.

In addition, provides IBM Company manufactures computer. About the Armonk-performance computer from a good part of the Internet traffic is running. This business has, however, the old highs yet again climbed.

Forecast raised for 2010

The world’s largest IT service provider, raised its profit forecast for the current fiscal year. IBM now expecting a profit of at least eleven dollars per share, said the U.S. group with more. Previously the company had made ten to eleven dollars per NAV per share in prospect.

The IBMShares were slightly despite the unexpectedly strong figures in after-hours trading. The papers, however, had increased in the past twelve months, almost 60 percent.

Barometer for the industry

IBM is due to its wide product range as an important indicator for the entire IT industry. The figures were based, once again the picture that a few days before the semiconductor Primus Intel had drawn: The companies are investing around the world after months of paralysis back into their computer equipment. The experts interpret as a sign of a fundamental recovery in the economy.

For the full year was IBM its own profit forecast to exceed $ 10.01 and the NAV per share earned. Despite the figures, the stock dropped nachbörslich easy. Experts pushed it to the high expectations for the good IntelNumbers in the past week.

IBMCFO Mark Loughridge announced in a Telefonkonzernz that the change in IBM will continue. "We go into areas that promise us the most value." Only late last year had IBM Statistical software company Spss accepted. The group now has, inter alia, the German middle class in sight, the IT spending comparatively little. The field has also recognized the competition as the software giant Microsoft.

At the same time wants IBM their costs continue to press. Thousands of jobs have already disappeared. "This allows us to deal with very challenging market conditions," said Chief Financial Officer Loughridge.