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If filmmakers take on financial genius


Regisseur Dieter Wedel. Quelle: dpaDirector Dieter Wedel. Source: AP

FRANKFURT. Soon SA troops are moving to the houses and bankers to hang on street lamps. Such a scenario would at least prevent the film director Dieter Wedel for "not excluded". With care, he watched a turn, the mood in the population against the financial industry. "At present, creates a very dangerous, aggressive situation," said Wedel.

On Wednesday evening he spoke at the opening event of the Corporate Finance Summit in Frankfurt. There, experts will discuss from business and finance for two days on new trends and issues in corporate finance scene. To set the mood, the organizers had invited the director. His topic: Ethics in the capital market.

Then came two worlds. Front in the lecture hall of the Frankfurt House of Finance sits the intellectual artist, with wild hair, red face and dark blue aviator sunglasses, which he however replaced by a reading glasses, as he begins his lecture. Opposite him, on the stands, some forty men sitting in a neat tailored suit, including some ladies are waiting with big eyes and a curious look at what has to announce Dieter Wedel them.

With films like "The affair Semmeling" and "The King of St. Pauli" fan has made a name. Most recently, he attracted attention with his film "Greed" public attention. In the strip he tells the story of a dubious financial fraudster – and denounces greed and excess.

And in the Frankfurt House of Finance, he does not mince his words. "Socially accepted, all the deadly sins is greed," he calls out to his audience, yet relaxed at the sip a glass of champagne. "Even greed is no longer a sin, but only more cool", he gets excited himself. Some guests nod in agreement, others use the forehead wrinkles. A photographer shoots pictures.

"If losers are pushed aside without thinking, because the only currency is, gold, gold, gold, then humanity long ago handed over to the dressing room," he continues. Profit should not be the only measure of success, otherwise go destroy the society. Since the ladies and gentlemen look very carefully, some look thoughtfully at the table. Softly humming the air conditioning.

But Wedel is not ready yet. Now he’s only really in the mood. The whole world is now convinced of the power of numbers. The newspapers, television, hospitals, radio stations, theaters and operas – all obey the authority of the profits and the rate. Empty eyes of those present, a man with a red tie has trouble keeping his eyes open.

grow given the increasing work pressure in the population but now the anger, slavers Wedel, which get again to feel first the financial industry: "People who work in banks, are in the public eye now – leave me a little exaggeration – right after child molesters" muses the director. Then a murmur goes through the room, some gentlemen scratch with their feet, an elderly gentleman with a stern look and golden Clock drumming nervously with his fingers.

In the end, but then the harmony prevails. As Wedel finished his presentation and the dark blue pilot goggles again, the audience clapping good applause. "It was very beautiful," one man says in a gray suit as he goes to the buffet. "Really very, very beautiful." Another gentleman nods in agreement.