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IG Metall called rapid wage increase


HB BERLIN. From the powerful upswing in Germany will benefit by the will of the IG Metall and more workers than before. The union asked for a report in the daily newspaper "Die Welt" on the metal and electrical industry, the example of Bosch, Audi and others to follow: The agreed additional income to April, two months will be paid earlier. "Employees must participate in the upswing," said IG Metall board member Helga Schwitzer of the newspaper.

Bosch had announced the first German large firms, the first for the coming year for metal provided payment increase of 2.7 percent for two months the February preferable. Audi, too, prefers the agreed pay increase. At BASF, could set the employees on a handsome bonus. The auto supplier ZF, said management and workers is currently negotiating a special payment. Also at Porsche in Stuttgart, there are such negotiations.

It was "a matter of fairness" to involve the workers in the upturn, "said IG Metall leader Berthold Huber, the Passauer Neue Presse (Saturday). He anticipated that the majority preferring the metal industry, the pay increase. Unions also parliamentary leader Volker Kauder called "reasonable wage increases for employees. "Through multiple wage cuts have made an important contribution to overcoming the crisis," he told the newspaper.

The President of the employers’ association Gesamtmetall, Martin Kannegiesser, but warned against exaggerated expectations. The collective bargaining agreement is "not a one-way street," he told the financial newspaper Euro am Sonntag ". One survey found that one in three companies currently writing in the metal and electrical industry red numbers, or at best a break even.

IG Metall board Schwitzer said the "world" of economic recovery have not yet struck through in all sectors, but in the auto industry, they have resorted surprisingly quickly.

For example, in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Thuringia, the results of companies subject to 80 percent above expectations, the IG Metall district leader said for these four states, Armin Schild, the newspaper. So far benefited only 15 percent of employees in these firms.

Kauder also demanded that the company would "now be above all the young people secure employment prospects". "Fixed term contracts should be the exception who has no future young workers should not complain about a skills shortage," he said.