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Impetuous Parliament to combat nuclear run-times


HB BERLIN. Immediately prior to the decision in the Bundestag on the extension of the atomic terms opposition and government on Thursday a fierce exchange of blows are delivered. Open Group CEO Juergen Trittin said the black-yellow whip the nuclear deal and not disregarding rights of the opposition. He spoke of a "bully gang of the Union". The consent of the Bundestag to the time extension of twelve years is for the 17 German nuclear power plants with yellow-black majority to be safe. SPD and Greens had ten years ago, a nuclear phase-resolved to about 2022, is now to be denounced.

SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel accused the Government to push with the running time plus for the nuclear reactors of Eon, RWE, EnBW and Vattenfall, the supplier of green electricity from the market: "They create benefits for the four dinosaurs of the energy supply." Federal Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen (CDU) countered the accusations of his critics: "They are energy-political dud." Greens, the SPD and Left stoked fears and squinted just to vote. "They put party interests before the interests of the country." Röttgen stressed the black and yellow design with 80 percent share of green electricity by 2050 is the world’s most ambitious renewable energy program. "This is a revolution." On Thursday around 50 municipal utility began a campaign against the law. In the public utilities are threatened claims to eco-investment of six billion euro because the market power of the atomic groups would cemented. Also check Stadtwerke a complaint with the European Commission.

In particular, the Greens had tried in vain to prevent last-minute vote. They made many speeches and 24 amendments are voted on by name, had to clear for a delay. In a gesture of protest wore black clothes Greens MPs with small yellow X-Cross – the symbol of the anti-nuclear opposition from Gorleben. The coalition accused the Greens to ignore the parliament.

"The Greens need to know one thing: The more fuss they make, the more they hurt themselves when it comes to their perception goes to the outside," said the managing director of Union Group, Peter Altmaier (CDU). Links faction leader Gregor Gysi, said black-yellow column in nuclear energy society: "What do you tell people, if we someday fly a nuclear power plant to the ears?" Greens, Left Party and the SPD, and several states want to bring the matter before the Federal Constitutional Court if the government expected the Federal Council in the nuclear extension can be left out. Black-Yellow has no majority in the Bundesrat.

The expansion of electricity networks, the government plans to learn the lessons from the massive public protests against Stuttgart 21 and the new Capital Airport Berlin. Large infrastructure projects would have in common with the citizens on its way and better explained: "I encourage it to a national pact for new networks," said Brüderle. In the years to 3500 km were needed new power lines to transport electricity from wind energy from the coasts in the industrial areas.