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In secret to fame


Das Ziel seiner Südpol-Expedition hielt Roald Amundsen lange geheim. Quelle: dpa

The goal of his South Pole expedition, Roald Amundsen kept secret for long. Source: AP

HB OSLO. The conquest of the South Pole begannt bold with a lie: At midnight on 7 June 1910 was Roald Amundsen, his research vessel "Fram" from the Oslo Fjord from sail. The crew did as well as Norway’s King Haakon population and that the already famous researcher and explorer was on his way to the North Pole.

But Amundsen had decided in secret for the opposite goal. The "Fram" sailed towards the direction of Antarctica and South Pole.

The reached a "professional Viking on 14 December 1911 became the first man at all – five weeks before his British rival, Robert Scott. Amundsen wrote in his memoirs, without further ado, why his North Pole expedition, for which he had already collected lots of money umpolte, summarily to the south: "I desperately needed a sensational victory."

Search for the "immortal fame"

Actually, the North Pole was considered the most exciting destination for polar explorers, but in the midst of preparations for the great expedition blurted the news that the Americans Robert Peary claimed that on 6 had reached April 1909. Previously had been his former ship’s doctor Frederick Cook for a celebration, because he would have reached nearly a year before Peary to the pole.

Amundsen saw in this situation no chance to "immortal fame". The other hand, promised the prospect of the entry in the record books as the first man at the South Pole. " Because he had all monies collected but now time for the big announcement conquest of the North Pole, said his secret plan with the idiosyncratic Norwegian solely his own brother.

On 14 Amundsen reached in December 1911 with four companions on the South Pole on skis. All managed the return to the "Fram", while the slower competitor Scott died along with his companions on the way back. The calculus of the Norwegian went on: his countrymen hailed him in return as a hero, he could transform the South Pole expedition with books and papers in highly-paid hard cash. And his name has been etched in the collective memory: the first man at the South Pole.

To celebrate the hundredth anniversary since its famous Norwegian polar hero, where he is losgesegelt: Before his "Villa Uranienborg", 20 kilometers south of Oslo, at the same fjord.

To celebrate the two surviving daughters at the age of Amundsen-100 and 94. The "Fram" can be a bit further north admired in the museum built for them on the Oslo Bygdøy.

Amundsen-diaries on the Web

Many are waiting with excitement by the polar explorers fascinated Norwegians for the first full publication of the complete diaries of Amundsen’s South Pole expedition. From 7 June, they should be interpreted, day after day on the Internet, each exactly 100 years after its inception. Similarly the records of other expedition members will be published.

Equally adept as you navigate to the South Pole Amundsen is presented in the subsequent self-promotion. He later launched a few expeditions, and finally became a legend when he finally disappeared for good: in 1928 he took part in the Arctic to the search expedition for the Italian Umberto Nobile, who had crashed his airship. Amundsen and his small plane crashed near Bear Island on 18 From June and is still considered missing.