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India threatens to Google and Skype


Skype ist in Indien ins Visier geraten. Quelle: dpa

Skype has been in India targeted. Source: AP

HB SINGAPORE . A senior representative of the Authority completed at least the world’s largest search engine providers such as Google and the Internet phone service Skype is not enough. Industry sources said the government has also in particular the Short Message Service in its sights.

One of the two major industry associations for internet provider confirmed that the government was already in mid-July to greater control of traffic BlackBerrys have understood only as a first step. During a meeting with telecommunications authorities have also massive criticism of government officials and Skype Google expressed , "said the President of the Association , Rajesh Chharia , the Financial Times.

The paper said the concerns were directed primarily against the text message service providers . Skype is majority owned by an investor group led by Silver Lake and a Canadian pension funds. The former parent eBay has the sale last year but still retain the shares. ‘ Where do have reservations on grounds of national security, wants the government to have access , the government officials Reuters said. "Every country has the right to intervene legally. "

India has the BlackBerryManufacturers Research in Motion a time limit to 31 August is set to address the security concerns of the country. If the smartphone maker so far no solution has presented , government sources said , the short message service of the BlackBerry off.

RIM said he was optimistic about reaching an agreement. The Canadian company reaffirmed its IT system to corporate customers under the name BlackBerry Enterprise Server is marketed , would not be affected. But he was ready to open its services to residential customers in compliance with the applicable requirements for the competition . Encryption is the core of the BlackBerrySecurity system , the RIM for business a competitive advantage over Apple or Nokia has procured . The data will be encrypted when sending , making them unreadable for others.

At the same time the traffic runs on RIM ‘s own servers in Canada and Britain and not like other sellers on local data centers.

Besides making India among others , Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates maintains security concerns against the free movement of mobile communications. Terrorists could use the technology in preparation for attacks , warn the countries. With Saudi Arabia RIM has already reached a compromise . The U.S. has condemned the calls for more control of traffic as an attack on freedom of information.