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Intelligence on the hit list


BERLIN. To the earlier scandalous Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) was quiet in recent years – perhaps too quiet. For now there are moves to the army intelligence service with some 1 300 employees to make it very tight. According to information from the Handelsblatt trust committee of the Bundestag, the federal government has commissioned to examine whether the duties of the MAD from now on for the Foreign Intelligence competent Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution (BFV) can be taken responsible for domestic intelligence. For experts in the armed forces and in the service this request met with skepticism to outrage.

"The trust committee asked the federal government, opportunities and means for transferring the duties of the MAD in the tasks of the BND and the BfV for the purpose of maximum efficiency and relief to examine the federal budget and, where appropriate a concept," says the secret mission , not support the SPD, the Left and the Greens.

SPD-defense expert Hans-Peter Bartels said the Handelsblatt: "This is nonsense, neither the BND nor the BfV can fill out the specific functions of the military counterintelligence expert But they were not created…" In fact, the central tasks of the MAD is the review of the armed forces and civilian collaborators with the review of foreign missions. "That’s why these black and yellow idea is so absurd. The MAD is based in his work on the most fundamental needs of the military, but not to the internal security of the country and certainly not from the Foreign Intelligence," said Bartels. Even the defense expert for the Greens Omid Nouripour finds the idea "bizarre" and told the "Handelsblatt". The services have completely different mix to this task can not be objective. " The trust body occupied by householders in session, secret and decides on the budgets of the services. They expect the federal government a year can save 70 million euros if the elimination of the army slouch hats.

In fact, the black and yellow initiative, which was not started openly in the groups, but the secret committee, experts shaken awake. You know – as in the reduction of compulsory military service to six months – a strategy of FDP, which according to the general compulsory military service would now make the armed forces intelligence unnecessary. "The FDP wants to bring about the secret committee their old concerns ahead to put all intelligence services to the test and to reduce to one," an insider said the Handelsblatt. The MAD is the only lever to its resolution of the debate over the BND (the supervisor has the Chancellor’s Office) and the BfV (employer’s Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière) to heat to.