Home News Iran withdraws from the oil well but remains on Iraqi soil

Iran withdraws from the oil well but remains on Iraqi soil


"Our forces have returned to their original position after removal of the barricade that Iraqi soldiers had set on the oil well. After nearly three days of occupation, Iran has since reversed and ordered the withdrawal of its forces from oil well to the number four Fakkah southeast of Iraq. On Friday afternoon Baghdad denounced the takeover of eleven Iranian soldiers of this well in the province of Maysan, on the frontier and one of the points in dispute since the war between the two countries. However, in remarks to Iraqi TV channel Al Iraquiya, the Baghdad government spokesman Ali al Dabaga has said that Iranian soldiers had withdrawn from the hole, but not the territory of Iraq and who remained "a hundred yards Well.

Thus, appear to be starting to overcome this "violation of Iraqi sovereignty", Defined as the National Security Council and that rung alarm bells in both Baghdad and Washington, in the absence of a few months to complete the withdrawal of its combat forces to see how the Islamic Republic increases its influence in neighboring Iraq . "It is a contested terrain and has now been abandoned by both parties. The well was not being exploited and now returns to be empty and abandoned, "said sources in the Iranian interior ministry accused Baghdad of erecting a barricade in place, prompting the subsequent military intervention. Foreign makers of Baghdad and Tehran, Hoshyar Zebari and Manouchehr Mottaki held a telephone conversation late on Saturday and she began to resolve the crisis over the sovereignty of the well. This military movement will start a round of discussions to clarify the border limits.

While all eyes looked to the south, however, problems erupted in the north following the sabotage against the oil pipeline linking Iraq with Turkey in the area of Shirqat, 325 km north of Baghdad. The oil flow can be restored in the coming days. "We asked international forces to strengthen patrols to defend our pipeline," said the oil ministry spokesman, Assem Jihad, the absence of less than eight months of leaving the bulk of American forces.

Contracts millionaires

Last week Baghdad was the scene of the auction of six oil fields among international companies. Contrary to expectations, Chinese, Russians and Europeans made bids stronger than some American companies which so far remain in second place on the Iraqi black gold mining.

With the profits generated by oil Iraq hopes to strengthen its internal stability at a critical time since the March 7 election day held in which citizens elect the first government that will have to run the country without American presence. Neighboring Iran is open to the political movements in Baghdad and in recent years has become de facto in the country with the greatest influence on the life of post-Saddam Iraq.