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Kerosene instead of blood in the veins


Karl Ulrich Garnadt: „Wenn einer den notwendigen Stallgeruch und Kerosin im Blut hat, dann ist es Garnadt“, sagt ein Lufthanseat.

Karl Ulrich Garnadt : "If one needed the same stable, and kerosene in his blood , then it is Garnadt , "said a Lufthansa employee .

DUESSELDORF / FRANKFURT. Probably many have already guessed at Lufthansa . For whenever Carsten Spohr, CEO Lufthansa Cargo currently climbed to a new rung of the ladder , were also at Karl Ulrich Garnadt changes. That was in 2007 so as Spohr and was chief of Cargo Garnadt succeeded him as Executive Vice President for the passenger network. And even early next year will be. Then assume Spohr complete line of passenger business, and his successor at Lufthansa Cargo will be Garnadt .

Still, the appointment of the 53- year-olds not official. "But everything points to Garnadt . He will be , " says the company.

The air in the first half with a turnover of 1.3 billion euros, the second largest division of the airline. With Garnadt the daughter gets a proven expert to the top. The manager went in year 1979 with Lufthansa. It is home aviation business administration and is one of the few executives in the group without any academic training.

"If one needed the same stable, and kerosene in his blood , then it is Garnadt , "said a Lufthansa employee . The fact that top positions are occupied by longtime managers , is the largest European airline tradition. Thus, with Christoph Franz, currently head of the passenger division and previously CEO of Lufthansa subsidiary Swiss, next year probably inherit another familiar face in the Crane Group CEO Wolfgang Mayrhuber at the head of the group. "It was clear early on that is to be found an internal solution for Cargo , "it says .

One or the other in the cargo subsidiary should know Garnadt still good. The manager , who is one of the confidants of Lufthansa CEO Mayrhuber had ever been with in a responsible position Cargo. In the 90 years he built here, the network management.

The father of a son’s obligations and committed Protestant, is a brilliant analyst. His restrained and sober way , although sometimes he brings a reputation as a " bone-dry "colleagues , he therefore enjoys less recognition in the group not.

News Garnadt for the smooth running of passenger traffic is responsible, so he takes care of the major German airports Frankfurt and Munich and the planning of the network. Organizing is its strength – if need be also with new approaches. It was he who pressed ahead with the second terminal at Munich airport prevail. Lufthansa participated at that time as a shareholder in the building – and went to a completely new partnership with airport operators .

Last Garnadt made with the founding of Lufthansa Italia attention. The airline , he joined Lufthansa in northern Italy, a gap that was created by the takeover of Alitalia by Air France- KLM. It is one of the favorite projects of Mayrhuber.

The appointment of Garnadt at Cargo but could also create anxiety. It is feared that Andreas Otto , product and sales officer of freight subsidiary , is now frustrated . He was with his many years of experience, a natural candidate for the top job . And as board member Karl -Heinz Klöpfle age will retire in the near future and changes to the passage would Spohr , then three of four new senior executives. Added : The fourth point man is on board the cargo subsidiary , human resources and chief financial officer Peter Gerber, only one and a half years here . "Lufthansa should take care to not run into the daughter of cargo a leadership vacuum , "warns one insider.

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Karl Ulrich Garnadt is on 19 Born in January .

he began his career with the training of air traffic manager at Lufthansa.

He takes over after various management positions in controlling and routing the cable network management division in the passage.

Chief Officer , and he is now responsible for the second-largest German hub of Munich.

He is appointed to the board of the Business passage.