Kiev Europe Should Threaten To Cancel EM

So now even bombings: The crisis between Europe and Ukraine has just become even more complicated. More and more, the discomfort in the democratic part of Europe on the European football championship in a country that has made a former prime minister to political prisoners and their health problems in a way bypasses that can only be described by torture.

So far, no one knows who put the bombs in Dnepropetrovsk, the birthplace of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. Was it a radical faction of the opposition, which wants to demonstrate to the government shortly before the European Championship in early June, about which print resources are available? Was it the government itself, which wants to bring the opposition to a "strategy of tension" in disrepute? Or has a hand in the Mafia?

One thing is clear: President Viktor Yanukovych is playing a nasty game and Tymoshenko used as leverage against Europe. "When you sign the Asoziationsabkommen, then we leave Tymoshenko," Deputy Prime Minister Valery Khoroschowskij has recently told European journalists in Brussels said. Clearly can not be said that the former Prime Minister is just a pawn.

The EU is in an uncomfortable position. On the one hand, they can not simply close our eyes to the violations of human rights in Ukraine, which show that the country is still far from ripe for an Association Agreement. On the other hand, wants to slam the door not to Kiev not to drive into the arms of Russia, which is likely to stifle democratic aspirations in the long term.

In a similar predicament is to UEFA. The would like to keep out of politics and keep the football championship as planned. On the other hand, is a festival of football in a country of torture is not a good advertisement – not for sport, nor for its sponsors.

At most one may have sympathy with the Poles, as the star pupil of the East European Democracy Now through no fault or less in joint liability.

If the EU did not have breakfast as a director of foreign minister, but someone with perseverance, then this should now forge an alliance between sport and politics against the autocrats in Kiev.Because unlike in international organizations there are in the UEFA a clear preponderance of democratic states. There could be a little gentle persuasion with a majority, organize the Yanukovych introduces the alternative: either EM or Tymoshenko. Using Germany as an alternative venue if Kiev does not come around. One would not even just moral and political argument, but could also cite safety concerns, if Yanukovych maintains its hard line against the opposition.

It is hard to believe that Yanukovych would risk the European Championship on home soil. So it is very unwahrscheilich that Europe and UEFA would have to actually make the true threat. With a turn-Yanukovich but all would benefit. Athletes, officials and fans could enjoy the Euro, the EU would have the extortion attempt in terms of association agreements is not bent and Tymoshenko could be treated abroad.

But as it currently looks like Europe can drive the matter further. Until the end, denatured all the pleasure in this festival of football is.

One wonders why in festive speeches always the unity of Europe is invoked with the argument, otherwise you would get foreign policy, not enough weight on the scales. If it then becomes serious, however, it provides the EU does not even put an underdeveloped country like Ukraine to sufficient pressure. Where is the self-respect of this continent’s democratically gone?

11 Responses to Kiev Europe Should Threaten To Cancel EM

  1. FSK22 says:

    I won! Bread and circuses, it’s the bottom line. 
    With sports has to do all this for a long time nothing more. 
    I just say Olympic Games in China, or Formula 1 in Bahrain. 
    advertising Pregnant multimillionaires rushing away from the stadium or on the racetrack, while the respective opposition is sitting in jail or shot down in broad daylight.

  2. MoeoeoeoeoeP says:

    Sounds like some U.S. and Super Bowl

  3. Harry_B says:

    The boycott of “sporting” big events in the past has brought nothing. OK, maybe you should bring to the long haul. Incidentally, the European football championship, I can not see it as a sporting event. This and undsere league’s only business.

  4. Fix Undfoxi says:

    Was it the government itself, which the opposition with a 
    “strategy of tension” wants to bring into disrepute ” 

    Always these crude conspiracy theories! Really bad, this paranoia!

  5. FSK22 says:

    Sch. the wall! The Wergin has yet to actually everything a review! 
    No one knows yet what is actually happening in Dnepropetrovsk. 
    But that does not stop liberals from our flagship service because the same time a little bit about … um, what the topic anyway? … kloppen to the keys. 
    Europe, democracy, football, torture -?’s is perhaps a bit more general 
    The fact that Ukraine is one of those treasured “flawless” democracies, but was well known for some time, right? That must have been the deciding factor, as UEFA has decided in its vast, horny monetary wisdom to host the European Championships just there. Like will to like, I guess times. 
    When Formula 1 moves into Bahrain, why should not it also a Football Championship in Ukraine to be possible? Sch. on sport and the so-called human rights and all the Krams. Business first! As it should rise to the Liberals formally incurable heart. 
    What went into Poland and the Ukraine before the European Championships, is on me. Corruption, enrichment of construction companies and influential individuals at public expense, serious safety defects in the stadiums, the list is endless. 
    the best possible outcome of this whole farce would be if there is at least not dead. As far as we are by now. 
    In this sense, free sports!

  6. MoeoeoeoeoeP says:

    The corruption in us goes without EM on beggars more!

  7. MoeoeoeoeoeP says:

    Timoshenko – West 
    Yanukovych – East 
    . Any questions why just rumplärrt because the aunt, while others in prisons just as bad is 
    suddenly wants to criticize the Haftbedinungen. 
    other day was one of Ritz licking in China and now says the visit was a kick from pretentious. 
    It is almost impossible to endure what a pitiful, hypocritical and dirty play is an offer! 
    When minds like W. demanding the cancellation, you should ensure that the EM the next 50 years will be held there! 
    If the attacks by supporters of this Tymoshenko have been committed, you must sit and rightly remain imprisoned just as it is now! Then, from your very clear danger to life and limb of others! 
    Who needs such a friend, not really help!

  8. Fix Undfoxi says:

    Europe should threaten to Kiev EM cancellation 

    Nope – I think that Springer was incompetent rather threaten journalists with dismissal. Oh wait – no! Then working out since the caretaker any more. Mental error on my part, sorry!

  9. 9ag34 says:

    By standing acoustic injected instant “knowledge” Unfortunately, more and more the basis of public opinion. 
    “THE” classic media need not be surprised if they are no longer taken seriously. . For copying and pasting you do not need more journalism 
    I also towards the war itself, -)

  10. EgonOne says:

    FSK22 + MoeoeoeoeoeP

    Re ‘opposition in jail, or shot down in the street. ” 
       It happens without football or other sports on the US-Mexico border when engaged in drug fighters eigenene their competition with the weapons of their choice. All without even Super Bowl. Only fight not only their competitor, but also the police, politicians and civilians come in their way. 
      In sports, there are losers, which mostly just dead. Unfortunately.

  11. Schmoozer says:

    The Ukraine is supposed to rename Wulfingen. No matter what government whether old or new. The West has nothing better to do alls are zuregen about everything. In the West there is nothing new government passes Staatsekretät? In Ringelreih we proceed in the Secretary of State Chess cemented everything anyway. No matter what the so-Democratic voters want like to think so with his gigantic voice to achieve. No matter how hot the form of government. It is important to the people doing well.

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