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Lufthansa plans for 2010 dividend payment – BOEZ


2010-09-05_lufthansa_flugzeuge_ddp FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – German Lufthansa operatively and is on course for recovery to shareholders for the current Fiscal year to resume a dividend payment in view. ( Reuters photo 🙂

This Financial Officer Stephan Gemkow said in an interview with the " Börsen-Zeitung/BöZ " (Saturday edition). had for the loss in 2009 The airline canceled the dividend can be . Earnings The Group is the long-distance business, " lever " for a positive Development in the main business was in the process , the passenger traffic Swiss subsidiary . "Whether the Lufthansa Passage itself also in the black can write , can be said at this stage yet " , so Gemkow .

Despite global economic crisis, Lufthansa had managed to  the first half of 2010 on a liquidity of more than EUR 5 billion to . come The financing of new aircraft is against this background, no  Problem. The funds for aircraft financing are loud Gemkow Total become scarce and increasingly focus on Companies with strong credit quality . " This development will benefit Lufthansa, which also pay financing terms, "clearly are better than those who actually our rating category " match , so he ‘s CFO on.

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