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Manager complains that his own industry dirty tricks


Jobangebote bei einer Agentur für Arbeit. Laut Brancheninsider Marcus Schulz nutzen die Zeitarbeitsfirmen nach wie vor viele unsaubere Tricks. Quelle: dpa

Jobs at an employment agency . According to industry insiders , Marcus Schulz , temporary employment companies still use a lot of dirty tricks. Source: AP

HB DÜSSELDORF. " tricked still be employees grouped intentionally wrong, is systematically with sick leave and vacation entitlements to defeat einsatzfreie times, which would have the companies pay really , or marginal workers more use than allowed " reported the head of USG People, Marcus Schulz, "Wirtschaftswoche". He demanded clearer rules and a self-cleaning process in the industry . It was up to the industry and the companies to change that. USG People claims to be the fourth largest supplier in Europe and belongs to the Federal Association of Temporary Work ( BZA on) .

Schulz spoke also in favor of the policy on the principle of " Equal Pay to discuss ", ie required by the trade unions, equal pay between agency and permanent employees . This will not ruin the industry. Here are the boards so far acted defensively . "We need to counteract the impression that we make money so that we pay people for their bad work, " Schulz is quoted. The industry stands under enormous pressure and had to prove that there is another go.

So far, temporary workers are usually paid by the industry collective agreement. An equal pay compared to the regular workforce is possible on a voluntary basis and is offered by various temporary agencies .