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Many overestimate their knowledge



Knowledge of traffic rules is worse in many as expected. (Picture: dpa) Source: dpa

dpa / gms BERLIN / COLOGNE. And although 72 percent of them declared themselves to know about me with the traffic. Men fared better than women: they gave more in eight of nine questions correct answers. Some questions were the great majority – both men and women – next to it.

For example, increased 78 per cent of respondents mistakenly believed that they must drive on the highway at least 60 miles per hour fast. In fact, only the type of vehicle a minimum speed of 60 kilometers per hour allow.

77 percent of respondents did not know that they announce the passing outside urban areas by flashing. Even the acoustic horn was allowed before the passing of town, says lawyer Irvin steel from Düsseldorf.

A common misconception is that it is always prohibited to overtake on the right. Which went from 65 percent of survey participants. But in urban areas vehicles may on multilane roads with a weight of up to 3.5 tons in the right lane driving faster than the cars left of them. To the survey, some 500 people over 18.