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Many plans for coal-fired power plants fail


DUSSELDORF. The construction of coal-fired power plants in Germany is continuing to encounter strong resistance. In the past week as three projects were stopped in Mainz, in Lower Saxony and in Dörpen Lubmin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Other projects, such as Eons Plans in the Westphalian dates fail.

Nationwide, the utilities have been struggling for years, emitting with protests by environmentalists against coal plants, a comparatively large amount of harmful CO2. In several municipalities, they were successful: In Dusseldorf Stadtwerke from coal to gas had to switch trains in Hamburg, had to prune Vattenfall’s plans for a large power plant in the district Moorburg.

Retreat after several years of protests by environmental groups

For the weekend, now gave the Danish utility Dong known to forgo one of the largest coal power plant projects in Germany. The company wanted to build in Lubmin near Greifswald for 2.3 billion euros, two blocks with 800 megawatts of power. The retreat was preceded by several years of protests by environmental groups and citizen initiatives.

The group justified the decision saying that he was no longer convinced that the project enjoys the necessary political backing. Already in October, the Danish utility had abandoned plans to build a plant in Emden. At that time, Dong was cited declining demand and falling electricity prices as reasons.

EnBW stops controversial projects in the Emsland

Middle of the week had already been notified Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg (EnBW) to advance the project work for a coal power plant project in the Emsland Doerpen no further. The company justified this with the lack of possibility through combined heat and power simultaneously generate electricity and heat.

Because the locally based paper manufacturer UPM Nordland had announced receive any heat from the coal plant, but to build a gas power plant want to own that there is no basis more. The project was controversial in the region.

In Mainz, have been associated with the coalition agreement between SPD, Greens and FDP, which was published last week, finished the plans for a coal-fired power plant. "The parties agree that the project Ingelheimer Aue coal power plant is completed," it says.

Officially, the plans were shelved, although, because the funding had failed. Ultimately, however, should be the balance of power after the local elections in June responsible.

45 000 citizens in the face lifting of building freeze

Massive has also continued to tremble Eon to the planned dates in coal plant, the construction of an action is partially stopped. The North Rhine-Westphalia state government wants to clear the doubts of the Court through an amendment to the Land Development Act from the road. The adequacy of the step that is open.

Also, the government is having to massive protests. Within five days, already more than 45 000 citizens on the Internet have asked the parliament to reject the amendment.

The municipal network Trianel must be another case against his planned coal plant in Luenen ward. The Association for Environmental and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND), the Supreme Administrative Court gave Munster an action against the Water Act permit book. The organization had already complained against Immisionsschutzrecht approval.