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Mayor Juergen Roters criticized Bilfinger Berger


Baustelle der U-Bahn-Station Heumarkt: Oberbürgermeister 
kritisiert Bilfinger Berger. Quelle: dpa

Construction of the subway station Haymarket: Mayor Criticizes Bilfinger Berger. Source: Reuters

HB COLOGNE. Mayor of Cologne Jürgen Roters (SPD) has criticized the lead in the Subway construction contractor Bilfinger Berger. From CEO Herbert Bodner Roters requested an opinion on the latest revelations. That was the company guilty of the Cologne population: "Every day, the fear is growing because more is known deficiencies in new construction," said Roters after notification of the city of Cologne on Monday in a letter.

Cologne newspaper had recently reported on systematic fraud in underground construction. Last week it became known that in an excavation 83 percent lack the stabilizing iron bars.

The Cologne Transport Authority (KVB) to the U – Railway construction site on the Haymarket flooding in the city, where the Rhine floods are a danger. "This is a good Way to guarantee the stability, "said spokesman KVB Franz Wolf Ramien on Monday evening, the German Press Agency. Due to bungling on the construction site threatened with rising levels of the Rhine well over four yards to become unstable if the groundwater in Consequence of the flood against the Bauwände ENTER.

To prevent this, additional cross members are already installed. Should not this be enough to stabilize, will they fill the pit with water. Already on Tuesday will Working for the installation of an underground bulkhead in the U – Railway construction to begin between the Haymarket and City Hall. Using this partitioning is to ensure that the water of possible flooding in the already more developed Stop at the Town Hall is running.