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Measuring points with more environmental awareness


Die Messe Leipzig setzt immer mehr auf Nachhaltigkeit.  Quelle: Pressebild

The Leipzig Fair is more and more on sustainability. Source: press photo

BERLIN. Compostable name tags, green energy, recycling of exhibition stands – if tomorrow the Imex opens its doors, it stands in the sign of the environmental impact. The event exhibition is a prime example of a trend that rapidly takes in the industry around.

For other organizers to review environmental awareness on the flag: It was not until mid-March, Berlin announced that the first trade fair to be able to demonstrate their environmental exhibitors by company certificate. Leipzig announced in late February that she was the first major German trade fair company which is dedicated to sustainability as a principle of entrepreneurial responsible action. And in May received the fairgrounds a European prize.

More and more exhibitors wanted evidence for environmental services, Raimond Hosch explained by the management of Messe Berlin. Many exhibitors have products that contribute to sustainability, and they want to present in a professional environment.

Berlin is now about in black and white proof that the fuel demand has been declining since 2005 and fifth decline this year thanks to a new wood pellet plant by another 29 percent. Almost a third of the electricity generated in the fair’s own cogeneration plants with combined heat and power, renewable energy sources supply 15 percent. Overall, it has invested 2.9 million euros in environmental protection. The reward is also expensive since it needs to purchase 31 percent less power, according to a spokesman. Within ten years, should the investment has paid off.

Green also see the visitors to the Leipzig fair, because the traffic lights based on traffic flow. In addition, guests and exhibitors free travel by bus and train. But in other areas is the environment at the top. The separate disposal of 1500 tonnes of garbage is just as established as the heat recovery in halls, Congress Centre and administrative buildings. Chemicals to clean the interior and exterior surfaces are biodegradable.

"Sustainability is an important strategic advantage in the competition," says Martin Buhl-Wagner, CEO of the Leipziger Messe, the commitment. The Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) had found that the meetings industry have become increasingly "green meetings call. The show has undergone so the Green Globe Sustainability Audit. Green Globe Certification is one founded in 1993, internationally recognized certification body for the tourism and event industry.

To obtain their certificate, must show at least 51 percent of the companies meet the criteria. Independent auditors to assess not only environmental but also economic and social benefits. The training and qualification opportunities in Leipzig have just as convinced as part-time models and flexitime, work and family make compatible. Leipzig has achieved the applicable criteria for event centers to 125 indicated that a rating of 65 percent.

"The certification was a Stadtortbestimmung, which has also shown us where we need to keep working," says Buhl-Wagner. The fair has committed to increase to every two years to three to five percentage points by improving individual criteria, or meet additional criteria. This year, workshops are to develop solutions to reduce the heating and traffic emissions and to save more by purchasing, procurement, and cooperation with suppliers more resources.

Work is a sustainability charter and standards and guidelines for employees and partners. Long-term growth is possible only with the environment, social sustainability and partners in the economic cycle. "By acting sustainably, we are investing in the future foundations of our existence," said Buhl-Wagner. That will also identify new products or sustainable events developed. One example is the Congress "My Sustainable World", held in September with a holistic approach to issues.

The Leipziger Messe pressed ahead with the certification before, because for fairs, through its various buildings and areas of Germany had been no default. Green Globe certification had only a congress centers, Auditor Peter Zimmer. Among the centers in Aachen, Düsseldorf, Hanover, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Lübeck, Mainz, and Weimar. In the audit, the convention centers of Bochum, Fürth and Münster.

For trade shows do now was: The European Union EVVC gathering place of the leading convention centers, arenas and fairs leads since the beginning of this standard under the common logo EVVC Green Globe for its members, reported room. "The Karlsruhe Trade Fair in April this will be the first certificate." With the certification will increase competition for Sustainability: Each participant may in fact see a web-based documentation, the evaluation of all others, and its position in a ranking and against an average. The auditors will be automatically informed of any improvement, so that the two-year audit be completed quickly and inexpensively.

The "green paint" is needed among organizers

Yet they are small, their numbers manageable, but it increases the supply of "green fairs". This does not count as agriculture exhibition "Green Week" in Berlin. But about exhibition concepts who want to pose with products and services, environmentally and socially responsible business and lifestyles. There are sustainable trade shows.

"Fair Act" means something like a trade show in mid-April for the second time in Stuttgart took place. On the consumer fair is discussed included fair trade and sustainable tourism. Such fairs are aimed at meetings associated with the general public as well as to professionals. Stuttgart wants to present itself here: the end of June the "Consense place", a meeting on sustainable building.

"TheKey.To", an international event for green fashion, sustainable lifestyles and culture attracts then to Berlin in early July. Already in January he put on over 3 000 visitors, a third more for 2009. Now is the motto "TheKey.to Acceleration": "It stands for the accelerated spread of sustainable entrepreneurial ideology, the growing consumer interest in proper consumption and the increasing importance of environmental and social ideas in the free market economy," said Gereon Pilz initiator van der Grinten.

Such fairs are generally to be more complex than the usual industry events. For it is hard to capture events for cross-industry exhibitors. There was therefore already failed attempts, such as the "Future Fair" by Messe Frankfurt. Successful Frankfurter were then two years ago with the Nutec: About 60 companies from different industries showed more than 1200 visitors, as they implement the vision of zero-waste economy.

Through intelligent design and materials to create products that are sustainable for the environment and society and profit drop.

In the autumn a new edition was planned, but the economic situation of a line made by the bill. Companies engaged more for product than for thematic exhibitions, "said fair director Uwe Behm. But there is great demand of visitors. "As a trade fair in Frankfurt, we believe with our partner Epea International Environmental Nutec to the format and therefore plan a shift of the Nutec to spring 2011," Behm said so.