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Mega capital increase successfully places


HB SAO PAOLO . Brazil’s oil company Petrobras takes on his mega – capital , a 70 billion dollars. The state-controlled company presented on Thursday set after the market close the subscription price for its new ordinary shares with 29.65 Real per share. The preference shares will cost 26.30 Real. Overall moves Petrobras with the largest capital increase ever 2.4 billion common shares and 1.87 billion preferred shares. (1 dollar = 1.72 Real).

have In total, there been a demand in the amount $ 140 billion according to sources , with the transaction familiar parties. Among the investors are also state funds from the Middle East and Asia. The shares are first time on 27 be September at the Brazilian stock exchange Bovespa in Sao Paulo trading .

With the huge capital of Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula wants da finance Silva the rise of his country to a major oil exporter. Brazil has discovered in recent years from its coast massive oil reserves and wants to exploit it now.

The previous record holder surpassed Petrobras loose with the capital increase: The Japanese telecommunications giant NTT was collected in 1987 at its IPO with the share issue equivalent to about 36.8 billion U.S. dollars from investors .