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Mobile auction brings the state € 4.4 billion


Techniker bei der Installation einer UMTS-Antenne. Quelle: ap

Technicians in the installation of a UMTS antenna. Source: AP

DÜSSELDORF. As expected, E-Plus for the particularly coveted frequencies that were previously used by TV stations, is considered empty. These TV-capacity beam so that fewer antennas are needed in developing their networks. € 3.6 billion alone account for the six frequency blocks of the TV station, the little rest on the remaining 35 blocks.

"We are satisfied with the outcome," a spokesman said E-Plus yet. The company now has twice as many mobile capacity as before the auction and have spent much less money than the other bidders. "The money we shall now available for the network construction," it says at E-Plus.

The TV frequencies freed by the switchover from analog to digital technology and the technical jargon so hot digital dividend. In the auction, it only enough for three of the four mobile operators. The aim of the buyer is to establish a network for mobile data on the Internet on the mobile phone.

In the run had experts expect that E-Plus would be the likely loser in the battle for the TV capacity, because the mother KPN is less financially than the other three mobile operators, Telekom subsidiary T-Mobile, Vodafone and Telefónica’s O2 .

Although KPN has stated before the auction, we would not get involved in a Wettbieten, during the auction but said that the group would bid for one of six TV blocks. That would have been enough not to build a nationwide data network, because this are two blocks necessary. O2 but had bought the other block, the two small German suppliers could cooperate with each other.

While the two little ones can still enter into a partnership. The negotiating position of E-Plus is not using TV frequencies but significantly worse than if they had been in the auction to the train.

E-Plus would not yet comment on their own expansion plans. "We are open to all options," said a spokesman. "We in the rural areas of our antennas just to build something more dense." The network of E-Plus cuts from independent tests from always worse than that of other suppliers. Reason, the Dutch lower investment in recent years.

In the mature German market, mobile data growth, the new hope of the manufacturer. But the networks need to be further upgraded. The Federal Network Agency has reason to auction in the auction as many frequencies as never before.

In 2000, the Authority in the auction of UMTS frequencies for 50 billion € has taken. At the high spending, but companies have nibbled years. A bidder, Quam went to the end for her, another, Mobilcom was missing, then the money for the network construction. Moreover, in comparison to the turn of the millennium, the euphoria faded from the industry. Mobile data is still promising in terms of growth, but in manageable size.