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MOD: Key to EADS project Talarion after Budget 2011 statement


Talarion_2_comp BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The Federal Government is to indicated that a decision on the unmanned aerial reconnaissance system Talarion the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co NV (EADS), until fell after the 2011 budget preparation. (Photo: EADS)

"Is about a possible realization of the project Talarion only after an examination of the financial viability and a subsequent Prioritization will be decided, "said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Defence (MoD) Dow Jones Newswires on Thursday  in Berlin. "This happens in the context of preparation of the budget 2011 in the course of the year, "said the spokesman. Currently, neither the mean  a commitment nor a rejection of the project.
As part of the Bundeswehr planning would in principle all Prioritized projects "," that is decided on which project Receive priority. This was also the case in previous years. But in view of the fiscal consolidation could this factor of Prioritization will be "perhaps even more energetically weighted," said the MoD spokesman.
According to a report by the Spanish newspaper Cinco Dias "from Thursday will be the European aerospace group EADS Talarion project due to lack of financial support from have frozen France and Germany. EADS has been around 600 EUR million put into the project, but would further EUR 1.5 billion Need to complete the development phase before the summer can, the newspaper reported on.
EADS has officially stated that the project is not abandoned had been. budget cuts made in France and Germany in these countries, however, likely impossible, sufficient financial support to provide.
Back in March, the chief executive of EADS defense division,  Stefan Zoller, it is understood in the current year invest more in research and development need. The company  may need even more money into the development of the drone Talarion stuck because the potential in order Nations this year, no Money could afford it, had said Zoller.
Zoller estimated the cost of the development and production  depending on EUR 1.5 billion. At the same time had Zoller emphasized that the division does not  was ready to advance costs for a customized product to take over completely. Because the customer may wish Modifications that would be associated with higher costs. The unmanned aerial reconnaissance system other than the drones also includes Talarion a mobile ground station for control and analysis of the data.

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