Home News More than 20 million German bank cards blocked

More than 20 million German bank cards blocked


In Germany, more than 20 million bank cards of the type EC (Euro Cash, a system of payment) is still blocked. That is more than half the number of cards in circulation of that type. The German banking federation, the problem is due to a bug in 2010.

This is a "delayed by the year 2000 problem", it reads. Some bank card chips do not recognize the year 2010. According to the federation there is no security problem.
These are cards issued by savings banks and regional banks. Since January 1, approximately 20 million EC-bank cards and 3.5 million of the 8 million credit cards issued by those institutions, outside battle. Outside Germany it is no more money out of the wall be removed. Moreover, in many stores no longer be paid to such cards.
The bank hopes federation "between now and Monday" the system back on track. Monday, the German banking committee has reported that many banks are party to the span. These include Postbank and Commerzbank. (dpa / adb)