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Munich Re : 440 disasters in 70 billion USD 1H cause damage


Frei_walkingman_07_72dpi MUNICH (Dow Jones) – The reinsurer Munich Re in the first half of this year registered a number of natural disasters and an exceptionally high degree of damage caused. From January to June, 440 incidents have occurred, such as Munich Re announced on Wednesday. (Photo : Munich Re)

This was the second highest number in a first half since 2000. The quantified economic losses , the reinsurer to 70 billion USD.
This total lie after six months already higher than in the entire previous year and significantly above the average of the past half decade. which had been insured $ 22 billion , more than twice as much as the average of the first half-years since 2000 and even more devastating than in the hitherto first half of 2008.
"After a fairly lenient in 2009 we had in the first six months of this year, three so -called major natural disasters , "said Peter Höppe , Head of Geo Risks Research Department of Munich Re. Above all, the earthquake in Haiti and Chile were among the most devastating ever recorded events.
died in Haiti on 12 223 000 people in January , 1.2 million people homeless. Economic losses were measured by the economic power of the country have been enormous. Since virtually no coverage existed , the insured losses of 150 million USD had failed , however small.
As on 27 February in Chile shook the earth, found 521 people died . With insured losses of about $ 8 billion it had the further particulars that the second most expensive so far . Total economic losses of USD 30 billion were incurred .
55 In addition to geophysical events , which include some of the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull to Iceland in March with the loss of tens of thousands of flights, a total of 385 weather-related natural disasters addressed to significant damage, such as Munich Re further informed . The most expensive single event of the winter storm Xynthia was the end of February from the Canary Islands over the coming Iberian Peninsula , France and parts of central Europe moved away . The loss figures had insured amount to USD 4.5 billion and 3.4 billion USD economic losses.

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