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Mysterious accusation against Wikileaks – founder


Der Gründer der Internet-Plattform Wikileaks, Julian Assange, sieht sich Belästigungsvorwürfen ausgesetzt. Foto: ap

The founder of the Internet platform Wikileaks , Julian Assange sees himself exposed to harassment allegations. Photo: AP

HB STOCKHOLM . The prosecution opposed the Australian Julian Assange first from arrest , the decision on Saturday but picked up again. Assange denied the allegations and said that they would just raised now is " deeply disturbing " . Wikileaks had four weeks ago with the release of thousands of secret U.S. military documents about the war in Afghanistan made headlines worldwide.

Attorney Eva Finn said on Saturday in Stockholm, there was no reason to assume that Assange had committed a rape. The warrant was issued , according to prosecutors on Friday night because of blackout risk and referred to two different events : In the one case would Assange rape, in the other accused of harassment. Spokeswoman Karin Rosander said the 39- year-old will continue suspected of harassment, the investigation to continue running .

Assange said the text message service Twitter: " These allegations without any foundation , and that they are collected at this time is deeply worrying. " Wikileaks had published end of July, nearly 80 000 previously secret U.S. military documents about the war in Afghanistan. Last week Assange announced the release of 15 000 additional documentation on the increasingly controversial use.

The Australians had occurred in the past week at a seminar of the Swedish Social Democrats and had several interviews given. Where he was staying on Saturday , was initially unclear. Assange has no permanent address, is about his private life little is known .

A Wikileaks spokesman , who calls himself Daniel Schmitt said the news agency AP, Assange even learned of the allegations " from the news ", "or from one of the tabloids in Sweden ". The internet platform will go on despite the arrest warrant against its founder , as planned , said Schmitt. He believes that Assange still staying in Sweden. "I have asked him not now, but I could not imagine that anyone tried to run away in such a situation. " That would be " totally irrational – especially here in Europe, "said the spokesman.

Wikileaks said via Twitter, after the organization of the publication of further documents in Afghanistan have announced that they had been warned of " dirty tricks ". "Now we have the first " , it said , alluding to the allegations against Assange . The operators of the disclosure of secret documents are specialized web site largely unknown, and the German Assange only with the pseudonym Daniel Schmitt appear in public . The U.S. Department of Defence after the publication in late July called for the return of all documents , as well as the documentation should be removed from the Internet .

The Internet , meanwhile, a storm of indignation broke out.

Only minutes after the news broke that the warrant was issued , the short message service Twitter a storm of indignation : conspiracy and character assassination of Julian Assange was that while the almost unanimous verdict of Twitter – users. "I would not be surprised if this is a secret operation to Wikileaks fertigzumachen . This is just the beginning, " said Schreiber nutzareus Twitter .

" They had said that they hit him, and I do not think a one minute that Julian Assange of Wikileaks has raped someone , "wrote darkk on a link from Wikileaks Twitter page . "Great timing, " said others on the allegations just weeks after Wikileaks had published thousands of Pentagon documents to the Afghanistan war.

AnOceanofMind wrote that the allegations were completely unfounded and "very worrying " . javiertorres76 said: "We were even warned that there would be dirty tricks. Now we have the first . " AmaturRahman was also skeptical: The timing of the allegations was very suspicious. chrisfishlock twitters , so that probably should only be attempted to prevent Julian Assange out government secrets to reveal more . quietriot_girl said , however, the allegations could not be easily dismissed .