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Negotiations on EU financial regulatory 31 August continue


BRUSSELS (Dow Jones) – The interrupted negotiations between EU Council of Ministers and European Parliament on the design of a future EU financial supervision to 31 August resumed be . This has the Belgian Finance Minister and President President Didier Reynders diplomats said on Thursday a meeting of EU ambassadors indicated.

The summer recess will hold informal discussions with individual Members can be used. Content is about the issues has not been spoken between the two institutions , it said further. Representatives of the Council and EU Commission would of difficult Negotiations said , but was optimistic a Compromise to achieve .
Council and Parliament have different among other Ideas about the cross-border supervision of financial institutions and the question of whether the planned EU supervisory trade in certain Products such as short sales may be suspended at short notice should , if unexpected problems occur . The question of who the intended Committee is chaired for the early detection of systemic risks , is controversial. Negotiations on a compromise on 14 In July has been interrupted.
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