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New three-step plan for the flight control


Langstrecken-Flüge sollen teurer werden. Quelle: dpa

Long-haul flights should be more expensive. Source: AP

HB BERLIN. The Federal Ministry of Finance has responded to the violent protests against his flight tax proposals and has submitted new plans. The levy is to plan now for short less than initially fail, should be on long distance calls , officials said on Friday the news agency Reuters.

For short in Germany and Europe , therefore, nine euros are planned to middle distances 2500-6000 km 25 € 40 € and for long distance . Then , the state secretaries and department heads of financial, environmental, traffic and Agriculture have agreed . In the first bill containing the tax , however , only two levels: 13 € 26 € for short-and long-haul . Freight, as requested by some politicians to continue to be taxed any more than private planes and connecting passengers . The agreement stands still subject to approval by the Minister , it said.

With the tax , the federal government will take around one billion euros annually to the debt. Several ministries and parliamentarians had criticized the first draft of the Treasury. Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU ) had some criticism that the tax should be collected indefinitely. The Cabinet had originally taken up to the introduction of trade in carbon dioxide pollution rights from 2012 to the eye. With the income from the market may, however, probably only a fraction of the information required by Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble one billion euros will be taken for the federal budget . Now agreed to be the sources said as a compromise to review the tax again to Jul. 2012 .

The relatively low burden on long-haul in the first draft had been considered mainly as a favor of Lufthansa, which is on these routes especially strong. The higher rates under the new plans as well as the lower rate applies to short as a courtesy to Air Berlin, Lufthansa and linked to there in a special competition. Lufthansa shares on the stock market down so gave some of their profits, while Air Berlin was able to make up for past losses almost.

Admittedly, the Environment Ministry to greater spreading of the tariffs have been urged to take account of environmental issues more . Emissions of greenhouse gases at high altitude is considered to be special driver for global warming .