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Nobody nibbling as much as the Germans


Die Süßwarenindustrie hofft für 2010 die Umsätze des Vorjahres 
halten zu können Quelle: apThe confectionery industry hopes for 2010 sales to be able to keep the previous year Source: ap

COLOGNE. When it comes to chewing, the Germans are already world champions. For the confectionery market last year were clearly the producers of Knabberartikeln winner in the crisis. While the production of Knabberartikeln according to estimates by the industry association BDSI 2009 growth of 1.8 percent, increased the value by as much as 8.4 percent.

"The trend is clearly in crisis to self-and home-Einigeln to snack on at home," said the Vice-Chairman Tobias BDSI Bachmüller yesterday at the opening press conference for the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM), the next Sunday (31.1.) Its doors again in Cologne opens.

Altogether, this was the German confectionery industry can largely medium relatively well, "said Bachmüller. Thus, the production of confectionery in 2009, went back to the previous year while, at minus 2.3 percent to 3.57 million tons, it fell in value by only 0.6 percent to 12.2 billion euros. The reason is partly due to higher raw material prices, for example in cocoa that could be passed on to the trade. 40 percent of the German confectionery production is now exported.

For the current year, industry and commerce revenues forecast at least at the level of the previous year. One reason is, for example, the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa, by the turn Snacks are defined as "television-snacks" to benefit the most.