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Nokia will make Google’s Street View in the shadows


Fahrzeug von Google Street View: Nokia will Städte noch detaillierter erfassen.

Vehicle from Google Street View : Nokia wants to cities capture in more detail.

HB BERLIN. The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia wants with its planned road map to the controversial Internet service Google Street View in the shade . Thanks to special technology to the images of streets and buildings are much more detailed , announced the in charge of maps manager of the subsidiary Navteq, Frank Paul, to according "Business Week ". With laser devices and 360 -degree cameras should the environment be represented exactly in 3- D quality .

The plan the preliminary report from Saturday is , according to a spatial data acquisition in Europe and North America. Two years have worked the company at ‘s technology is Pauli cited. Initial tests in San Francisco have been finalized . " Before the year we will begin tracking in France and Great Britain, " said the manager. In Germany, Navteq will start once the public debate about street view , a solution was found.

The Internet service from Google makes this country for protests. Many citizens do not agree that its facade is shown on the web. The federal government wants to the time being ban only the most serious invasion of privacy by law. Interior Minister Thomas de wants Maiziere to IT – summit on 07 December a bill forward . Service providers are up to then agree on a Privacy Code.

Nokia had a billion-dollar takeover Navteq bought in 2008 , a provider of digital maps. Earlier this year, announced by the Finns, according to Google to urge also the fast-growing navigation market .

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