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Novartis funds "aliskiren" disappointed in acute myocardial infarction study


BASEL (AFX) – Swiss drugmaker Novartis has with the cardiovascular drug "aliskiren" a Suffered setback. In the so-called Aspire study showed the use of Medicine in addition to standard therapy for heart attack patients not expect the statistical effect, adverse To limit changes in left ventricle, such as Novartis AG Headquartered in Basel on Tuesday announced.
At the 36-week study, 820 patients were enrolled, with reduced capacity Function of the left ventricle in part, in which at the beginning and end of Study using echocardiogram, the systolic volume of the left Ventricle was measured. Based on the results, Novartis waived a further study on the effect of aliskiren on post-myocardial infarction patients.
Aspire is one of 14 comprehensive study of 35,000 patients clinical trial program Aspire Higher. The test program wants you pürfen whether aliskiren except for Hypertension for the treatment of other diseases is suitable.

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