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Officials call for more financial audit process


Germany’s financial officials are sounding the alarm: absent in the tax calculations for thousands of employees unions. Therefore, the State would escape billion revenue. In particular, the examination of establishments can grind the states accordingly.

The Federal Republic of escape billion revenue every year because of missing, according to calculations of the German tax union 15,000 in financial officers. This was clear from the staffing calculation shows the states, reported the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" According to the tax union.

For the staff in the tax, the states are responsible. They calculate how many employees would be needed to examine companies and taxpayers legal. This staff shall be fixed according to the report to 130,000 jobs.

According to calculations of the tax union, which represents the financial officials in Germany, but only about 115,000 jobs were filled. No state currently meets the real needs, "said union boss Dieter Ondracek the newspaper. He estimates that the state annually about 30 billion euros Control be withheld.

In particular, the examination of establishments is neglected, according to the newspaper report. Thus, according to the union Verdi were missing only 3050 tax inspectors and 420 tax inspectors. Compared to the 13,800 employees in the audit and the investigators in 2570 this is a significant shortage, it is stated in ver.di.

The finance officers in the field are especially effective: on average a tax investigators drifting close to a million euros per year for the additional tax authorities. In an audit process there were over 1.2 million euros, the newspaper reported on.

has small businesses and sole proprietors, whose number increased sharply in the last 20 years would rarely expect a visit by an examiner.