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Oil spill is always more expensive for BP


LONDON. The British energy group BP has so far spent 350 million dollars in fight against oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico. That is more than analysts had expected after the company reported daily costs initially, with six million dollars. The BP share price has fallen so on Monday despite the uptrend on the London stock market at first.

Experts estimate the total costs that lie ahead for BP, now on up to ten billion dollars. The expenditure includes, for the removal of an oil damage and damages and penalties. Initially, analysts were up to eight billion dollars.

Three weeks ago, an oil platform that was operated on behalf of BP had exploded. Eleven people have lost their lives. At least 800 000 gallons of oil flow daily into the sea since the disaster. All attempts to seal the leaks have so far failed.

BP has placed a steel dome over the weekend destroyed the drilling at a depth of 1500 meters below sea level, in order to suck the oil it can. But the attempt failed. The group is now looking for new solutions. "BP seems to be more adventurous and may turn to more expensive options," analysts said the Bank of America. slo