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Opel wants to be cooler and younger


Opel und Lena: Weg vom Opa-Image. Quelle: dpa

Opel and Lena: Opa- way from the image. Source: AP

HB München. The car manufacturer Opel sees much potential to improve its image . "I agree with you that the brand has a lot of potential to be cooler and younger , "said Alain Visser, chief marketing the magazine " Focus ". Following the commitment of singer Lena Meyer- Landrut as an advertising icon, announced further initiatives to Visser : "After the music, we will occupy the issues of sport , art and science. "

One option that the car maker " look very closely " , was a re-entry into the German Touring Car Championship ( DTM). " Opel Motorsport and belong together as partners in a very long marriage, " was Visser. "However , only a question event at which the car driven largely to buying the product complies . This formula and a divorce from Le Mans for us. "

The possible cost millions for the DTM sponsorship Visser said : "We assume that the cost of a DTM – entry will be considerably lower than in our exit in 2005. "