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German stock market requires from 420 million to ISE
Given the weak business performance in the Derivatives subsidiary, International Securities Exchange (ISE) must be the German Börse AG in 2009 about 420 million euro to the U.S. stock write off. Accordingly to the Group, the depreciation of the Net profit at EUR 200 million press. Nevertheless, this is the recent Dividend policy and detained in 2009 NAV per share EUR 2.10 dividend per be paid.
DWS wants Hermes Infineon Counterclaim to support HV – SZ
The power struggle at the Munich chipmaker Infineon becoming sharper. The fund company DWS Deutsche Bank slapped the side of investors that its own candidate as Want to impose supervisory board chairman, as the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" (SZ – Wednesday edition) reported. "We have great Sympathy for the counter-motion, "said DWS fund manager Henning Gebhardt of the newspaper.
Short-time working at Audi in the carnival week – Donaukurier
The automobile manufacturer Audi are a press report says in the assembly of the A3 because of declining numbers in the Order Carnival Week 15th to 20 February, the bands still. Approximately 5,400 Employees working in the area that most would balances on the Eliminate remaining leave time accounts or reports of the "Donau Kurier". With Audi and its parent company, Volkswagen was initially no one available to comment on.
Cartel: Corporations should make power plant capacity
The four major energy companies are in the opinion of Federal Cartel Office in return for lengthening the maturity of conventional nuclear power plant capacity to Regional suppliers and municipal utilities like. The policy should be in the negotiations over a period extending to the repercussions for look at the competition, said the new President of the Bundeskartellamt, Andreas Mundt, in Berlin.
Pfleiderer redeemed with EUR 18.5 million share sale
Pfleiderer AG has completed the sale of over 2.6 million own shares via the stock market successfully. Let the total stock issued in its own shares and a selling price of EUR 18.5 million has been made, informed the woodworking group.
British government prepared to invest big in Vauxhall
The British government has agreed to a "major investment" Opel’s sister brand Vauxhall support. They were willing to take such a step, and the means for There are investments, "said Minister Peter Mandelson.
Impairment charge and weak demand in the ConocoPhillips 4Q
When U.S. oil giant ConocoPhillips are in the fourth quarter of 2009 From an after-tax impairment charges on the basis of 575 million USD incurred. In addition, the results in the chemical sector is expected in the final quarter turned out to be lower than in the third quarter, ConocoPhillips announced in with an interim report.
INTERVIEW / Raiffeisen CEO sees recovery Central and Eastern European financial markets
The Austrian Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding (RI) provides for a recovery in financial markets in Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC). Although nonperforming loans were taking in the region probably always too, but the momentum had slowed down the increase, said RI CEO Herbert Stepic in an interview with Dow Jones Newswires. That gave rise with modest optimism.
Google postpones introduction of Android smartphones in China
The U.S. internet company Google moves seem more consequences from his dispute with the Chinese government. The Introduction of two Android smartphones in China will be postponed, said With Google.
WSJ: Talks of MetLife, AIG, Alico of end-stage — Circles
The drawn-out negotiations for months between the Both insurers MetLife and AIG on the sale of AIG division Alico, according to informed people are now on the home straight. The two Negotiators hoped to announce in the coming weeks a conclusion can, said people familiar with the matter. MetLife would pay for the American Life Insurance Company (Alico) from 14 billion to 15 billion USD, said.
WSJ: Samsung puts in dispute with Rambus and pay up to 900 million USD
The South Korean electronics giant Samsung has a Dispute with the U.S. on semiconductor memory chips, Rambus settlement. Under the agreement, Samsung will pay up to USD 900 million, shared two companies. In addition, the two companies will continue to the development of new storage technologies work together.

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