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Party dispute slows arbitrator solution for Stuttgart 21


DÜSSELDORF. Leaders of the SPD and Greens in the federal government only see an opportunity for conciliation in the dispute over the rail project Stuttgart 21 when the government imposed an immediate halt to construction work. "As long as a building and refused to stop the award and a referendum is blocked, and no socio-educational approach helps with the motto , Beautiful, talked about have to ‘ , "said SPD parliamentary group deputy Florian Pronold trade Journal Online.

The chairman of the parliamentary transport committee , Winfried Hermann (Green ) reacted skeptically to the offer of Baden – Württemberg Minister President Stefan Mappus ( CDU ), Heiner Geissler as a middleman between opponents and proponents use . " The offer is not to be taken seriously , because the arguments from the objectors are not yet taken seriously and insisted to continue as before , "said Hermann trade Journal Online. For the project as such should not even be questioned . " A mediation but makes little sense to accept if the national government and the German railway not stop the building and thus constantly create new facts. "

The economic policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group , Joachim Pfeiffer , expressed the hope that it succeeds with the help Geissler , " the heat of the controversy over S21 smooth . Geissler was "a good choice, "said Pfeiffer Handelsblatt Online. "He knows the one hand, Baden – Württemberg, on the other hand, however, the necessary distance to daily events. " In addition, Geissler was "impartial and has experience in mediation of conflicts . " This indicates also that he by all sides as a mediator will be accepted.

SPD politician Pronold Geissler also holds for the right mediator. " However, even a can no matter how reputable , experienced and wise personality align under false conditions nothing, " he conceded . Green politician Hermann said : "In principle we can imagine Heiner Geissler well as intermediaries , but even he can not give Undatable .. " Nevertheless, it was important to the Greens talk about the latest figures and reports to Stuttgart 21. "The costs , risks and cost calculations have on the table, and then must review. "

Previously Mappus Geissler proposed as a moderator to come to a resolution of the dispute around the station redevelopment. Geissler has proven his talents as a presenter at various mediation to the test. For the Greens, is likely to be important that Geissler is a member of the anti-globalization organization Attac.

The Greens in Baden – Wuerttemberg , while accepting the moderation by Geissler. Nevertheless Mappus must take seriously the protests , said the President of the Greens in Parliament , Winfried Kretschmann. "Otherwise , the talks did not lead to success. " Because of planning delays , a contract and stop the building shall be adopted in the reorganization of listed head station into an underground transit station until spring 2011. In the meantime, proponents and opponents of all technical questions of facts , costs and benefits can discuss .

FDP faction leader Birgit Homburger called on opponents of the rail project to attend the scheduled mediation. Those who demand democratic rules should not turn down an offer of talks , said the Baden- Wuerttemberg FDP leader .

Homburger has rejected a building freeze off again , pointing out that hit both in politics and a series of decisions by the courts for this project are . Now, to demand an end of the building, was frivolous and insincere . The criticism of the increased costs of rejecting . With such large projects must be reckoned with price increases. These were " to some extent be planned . crucial For holding the election FDP politician "Stuttgart 21 " not. The people of Baden – Wuerttemberg were interested in more than the rail project , she said.

Mappus expressed the hope that it would succeed Geissler , a conversation thread between supporters and opponents of the rail project on the reconstruction of the Stuttgart main station to make . Mappus renewed his offer of talks to the enemy. He also reiterated that he wanted to hold on to the conversion of the listed station. "Baden – Württemberg Stuttgart 21 needs , "said undersecretary .