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Patent suit against T-Mobile USA


Der neue Chef von T-Mobile USa, Philipp Humm, muss sich gleich mit einer Patentklage auseinander setzen. Quelle: dpa

The new head of T-Mobile USA, Philipp Humm, must immediately deal with a patent application. Source: AP

HB WILMINGTON. The suit is filed, the Zurich company Star Home, which sees two of its patents infringed. With the lawsuit, the international roaming provider Starhome prevent that AT & T Mobility and the U.S. subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom to offer these services further. Both groups were on Wednesday evening to take no position.

The Swiss develop products to improve the international roaming and telecommunications companies worldwide supply 178. The complaint refers to two patents, the Star Home has registered in 2005 and 2007. They enable customers are to use abroad, the same speed dial numbers as domestic in order to gain access to the mailbox.