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PC industry saves himself with Billigrechnern


MUNICH. Turn out on closer inspection the figures are far less than sparkling. On one side of the same period in 2008 was extremely weak. On the other hand, the increase comes primarily from the sale of Billigrechnern. "The economic slowdown has been going on, so the buyers were very price conscious," says Gartner analyst Mikako Kitagawa. Thus, customers worldwide have risen above all stripped down laptops and even cheaper netbooks. Kitagawa: "Aggressive offers from manufacturers and dealers have boosted the demand."

Anything else is tampering with their suppliers: The PC manufacturers have massive competition from cell phone manufacturers. Limited "Computer use is no longer on classical computers," warns Paul Otellini, chief of the world’s largest chip manufacturer Intel. The so-called smartphones from companies such as Apple, LG, or Palm are becoming increasingly powerful and are well received by customers. "By 2013, mobile devices will be the PC as the most popular device for Internet access have overtaken," the Gartner predict experts. Until then, the number of computers worldwide will increase to 1.78 billion, of which 1.82 billion on Internet-enabled phones, however, they say.

But even in their traditional field of competition for the PC vendors are increasing. Mobile Producer Motorola presented at the beginning of its own tablet PC. Tablet PCs are not fixed computer keyboard, they are lightweight and portable, and are the focus during the first major IT fair of the year, the CES in Las Vegas, which concluded on Sunday. iPhone Manufacturer Apple is also likely to present soon a Tablet PC. These types of computers, the providers hope that readers might find as a market for electronic books.

In order to offer the new mobile competitors from the forehead, to search the computers Bauer additional distribution channels. He anticipated that more than one quarter of all the netbooks this year will be sold by the telecommunications providers, says Robert Pasquier of Chinese-American PC vendors Lenovo. The reason: The devices are offered at attractive prices along with a mobile phone contract. From the rush of consumers to notebooks and netbooks has in the past year, particularly Acer benefits.

According to Gartner, the Taiwanese have delivered in the final quarter over 40 percent more computers than the year before. On the stock market climbed in Taipei Acer Thus yesterday by more than four percent, which is the biggest jump in the shares since mid-November. Through good Christmas season, the Asians have focused strongly on corporate American producers Dell as the number two overtaken on the world market. The undisputed topped the U.S. stands Group HewlettPackard. Occupies fourth place Lenovo front of the electronics group Toshiba from Japan.

However, still open is how the buoyant sales of PC-producers has had an impact on earnings. The leading IT companies disclose their results from the previous quarter only in the next few days. Market researchers Gartner and IDC just watch the numbers published, but no information on sales or margins. Meanwhile, can only determine that it will go in the coming months, further uphill. In the second quarter of 2010, the PC market in Europe is expected to grow, according to estimates by Gartner, by five percent, over the entire year, the experts expect an increase of ten percent. For comparison: In the fiscal fourth quarter, the increase was only about four percent.

Have so far been mainly the retail world’s growth engine, it could raise strengthened during the year including new computer companies, analysts said. One incentive for this is the new operating system Windows 7, the world’s largest software manufacturer Microsoft placed last fall in the market has. Many companies test the program currently on the heart and kidneys and could then begin in the second half with the installation on new computers, the calculations of the experts. jojo