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Petrol and diesel on New Year expensive


The maximum prices of both gasoline and heating oil going up to New Year. Reported that the Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, and Energy.

Super 95 is 2.9 cents more expensive at the pump so you pay more than 1.385 euros per liter. The price of one liters Super 98 also rises by 2.9 cents up to 1.408 euros per liter.

Heating oil is 3.34 cents more expensive if you order more than 2000 liters. You will pay up to 0.5705 per liter. For orders of less than 2000 liters pay you up to 0.5948 euros per liter. That is an increase of 3.35 cents. At the pump, you pay up 0.683 euros per liter heating oil (3.4 cents).

The price increases are due to the increase in prices of oil products in international markets. (belga / edp)