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Peugeot -Citroen recorded in 1H sales up in Europe


MUNICH (Dow Jones ) – French carmaker PSA Peugeot -Citroen and has increased in the first half of its sales in Europe thanks to growing demand in France , Italy and England.

" The first half was based on units sold, one of the best half-years , we’ve ever had , "said Jean -Marc Gales , brand manager at PSA Peugeot Citroen on Friday on the edge of an automotive conference of the " Handelsblatt "in Munich. Well developed to have sales in the first half in South America and China. " June was a strong month with a good order intake , "said Gales .
Gales expected now for the first half in Europe , an increase of one percentage point in market share to be 14.5%. "We had the first three months of 2010 a market share of 14.5 % and we have kept this speed , "said brand manager . Exact figures will have informed the French car manufacturer next Wednesday.
For the next two years, Gales was optimistic . He expects 2011 and 2012, with growth over 2010 on the European market. Significantly stronger growth would indeed be in China. Here, Peugeot- Citroen will grow twice as fast as the market. In May, the Group had a market share of 3.6 % until 2015/16 , he should be brought to 8 %, according to Gales . One way to do this would be the production of the luxury model 408 in China. Gales expects China for luxury cars in 10 years , the world’s largest market .
For Germany, the brand board expects the current year market share of 5.8 % to 6 %, after he had lain in the past year at 6.3 %. In the next two years, Peugeot-Citroen will then reach the mark of 6.3 % in Germany again.
To extend the plans, the cooperation with the German rivals BMW, Gales wanted to not comment further . " There is still too early, " said brand manager , adding that cooperate as well. Corporate Board Member Philippe Varin had declared in June , PSA Peugeot Citroen wants to expand its partnership with BMW. A stock exchange was in favor but not an issue. Since 2006 , both companies already collaborate on engines .

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