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Pilots call for cargo inspection by federal police


brg / HB DÜSSELDORF. In the debate about closer monitoring of the cargo planes to the recent findings of parcel bombs, the pilot union Cockpit called to give the monitoring of air freight in the hands of the federal police. Until now, this is for the Federal Aviation Agency. "We think that should take over the federal police," Cockpit spokesman Joerg Handwerg told Handelsblatt Online. The Federal Police, which currently is responsible for passenger screening, had the "greater expertise" and was "wired internationally a lot better," said Handwerg. The Federal Office of Aviation on the other hand was also "severely understaffed", and would the previous tasks, "not fair".

Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer announced last more staff at the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt to the threat under control. "We are the staff in the LBA to increase further, to the best possible monitoring of cargo in the supply chain to ensure the shipper to the carrier to the loading on the plane," said the CSU politician Dortmund’s "Ruhr Nachrichten. The Ministry of Transport subordinate office currently has about 420 employees.

Cockpit spokesman Handwerg called in view of today’s meeting of EU security experts, a global approach to the EU. More stringent controls in Germany alone would bring very little "cross-border supervision" and "intelligent, irregular checks" were essential for security. The Federal Transport Ministry looks after the discovery of parcel bombs from Yemen in particular deficiencies in controls on air freight from other EU countries. That’s according to reports from coalition parties on Friday from a report of the traffic department. At the inspection of cargo coming from third countries into the EU and continue to be conveyed, there weaknesses in the security system. The EU is leaving it too hard on the controls of the state in other EU countries. The unsuccessful control of the freight parcel bomb at Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) holds the portfolio for an individual case, however.